KYRS is powered by everyday people donating their time and talents. By joining the KYRS community, you help bring diverse programming into the homes of more radio listeners. We do our best to cater opportunities to your interests and availability, and we welcome your expertise. From music review to bookkeeping, there are many ways to support KYRS. Sharing your time and talents is one of the best! We also have internships available for certain positions. For More information, call KYRS at 747-3012.

KYRS seeks a Volunteer Coordinator and Communications Coordinator. Call for details. 747-3012.

Volunteer Coordinator (2-5 hours per week), volunteer position. Recruit and supervise KYRS volunteers who conduct outreach, perform office tasks, etc.

KYRS Seeks Hosts for Locally Produced Radio Programs

KYRS Thin Air Community Radio is looking for talented, forward-thinking hosts to produce a weekly current affairs radio programs. These individuals would gather and share information about the news, issues, music, lifestyle and culture that is important to the community in our area live on the radio.

Ideally the programs would be 1 to 2 hours in length and could require 2 to 4 hours weekly to research content and contact potential guests to interview. Prior broadcast experience is not required and KYRS will provide all the necessary training as well as on-going support to help the host be successful.   

Programming on KYRS reaches, educates and helps thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest and this is your opportunity to be part of a conscious community that is making a positive impact on people and the planet.

We are currently in need of shows to discuss current affairs and areas of interest and concerns of:

Native American Community

Black Community

Latino Community

LGBTQ Community

Women’s Rights/Feminism Community



Given the current political climate, the Refugee Community is in real need of sources of information and dialogue as well.

For more information on this exciting opportunity contact:

Dana Matthews, KYRS Program Director


Help in the Music Library

Love music? Super organized? Have time to contribute to a local radio station? KYRS Thin Air Community Radio is looking for a volunteer music library assistant to process new music and update our collection. Must be able to spend at least 1 hours/week at the station. Times/days of the week are flexible.

For more info:

Street Team

Periodically put up flyers announcing KYRS events. Help with door-to-door leafleting campaigns

Help with events

This is an as-needed position