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Hello all


It is a privilege to be able to teach and explore the topic of poverty with you all with some incredible conversations. I will tell you that in all the years I have been teaching others about this subject, my reward is seeing the compassion that I choose to communicate with others, catching like wildfire.  I have plenty of topics to last years on this show, plus more.  I promise a few things to you all.

1) I will endeavor to provide the most clear and truthful answer that I can.

2) I am only human, thus I make mistakes. If you hear a mistake by all means, tell me.

3) Respect for all.

4) well, If I can think of any more, I will let you all know.



Poverty is not the best or popular of all subjects to talk about, but I have found that in this subject you will find what humanity truly is.


Our last show, we discussed how the DEA (Drug Enforcement Admin) classifies drugs.  Here is the official description of what a Drug schedule is.

D.E.A. / Drug Scheduling


Transgender individuals and LGBTQ sensitivity training is given by Beth Mies from The ORION Project Epic Advocacy   (Sorry, could not do a hyperlink here.)



official Facebook site


-This is the book I was talking about, “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud, and John Townsend. A great read for those of you who need help in how to set your personal boundaries and to keep to them.


-For those of you who want more information on the criminalization of the Homeless, and hate crimes against our vulnerable populations please go to




Other links from the Disabilities episode we ran with Meghan Apshaga from Disability Rights Washington.

County Jails, Statewide Problems


The Need for Accessible Voting in Jail:

You Can’t Just “Tell”


The videos I mentioned: This links to the trailer for Bottom Dollars, the documentary on the subminimum wage. There is a link to find a screening near you (including the screening at Gonzaga on Oct. 27), and a link to host a screening. This links to the full documentary, On the Outs, which follows three inmates being released from Washington Dept. of Corrections.

The book that was mentioned is Trauma Stewardship by Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky with Connie Burk.

Lastly, the multimedia report on prison segregation is here:


An updated report on the criminalization of the homeless and those in poverty.



Resources on Suicide prevention.


First Call for Help (Frontier Behavioral Health)


We Can Help

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-8255 (online chatting available)

IMAlive (National)

1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) (online chatting available)

The Trevor Project (LGBTQ Focus)

1-866-488-7386 (online chatting and texting available, limited hours)

Crisis Text Line





Thanks to Melody Youker and Sabrina Votava for this treasure trove of resources.

Here is the book I keep messing up in telling the listeners about.  It is about group think, and how crowd’s work. Name of the book is “The Crowd” by Gustave Le Bon.

The website in which I got my information on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is


Guest list


1) Jane, Jane is a Spokane Community College student. A student’s perspective on poverty was discussed. 1-26-2016

2) Christine, Christine is a person who grew up in poverty, and knows nothing but uphill battles with trying to get her family out of their situations. Christine is a special case in that her circumstances challenge what we think poverty to be. 1-2-2016

3) Shar Lichty, Shar is a major advocate for human rights here in Spokane. She recently fought an unsuccessful race for Mayor here in Spokane, loosing to Mayor Condon. Shar has worked a lot with the local Peace and Justice Action League. 1-9-2016

4) Jade, Jade has a unique perspective on poverty, in that her family is of two different cultures. Her Father is Filipino, and her Mother is Mexican. We learned that those two cultures are quite similar and totally different from the US typical view on what poverty is. 1-16-2016

5) Shamerica Daniels, Shamerica works with teens at a Spokane high school. She identifies at-risk individuals, and provides support to those students living in poverty and homelessness. 1-23-2016

6) Karen Kearney, Karen is a high caliber community activist, who spends her time volunteering at the House of charity, an emergency shelter here in Spokane, Wa. We had a great inside look at how great H.O.C. is.

7) Nina and Jane. Nina and Jane are from two totally different backgrounds. Nina has been battling Crohn’s disease since she was 12 years old and as a result has been unable to keep a steady job. She is homebound because of this disease. Jane is a returning guest who helped us out in this roundtable discussion, of the experiences and discriminations each has felt on their journey.

8) Abraham. This was a two-part show. Abraham spoke to us about his life in gangs, drug pushing, using, and prison life. With his loved one murdered, it all went downhill from there, pushing him to the brink, and to homelessness. An incredibly touching journey that will not be forgotten.

9) Jessica Reyes. Jessica, Jessica Has been down that road we all heard about from others, and the media. From Meth, and Heroin, she has become 9 months clean. A feat not many can claim coming from such drugs. Tonight we dive into her story of such a dark place, and how she has, and still is battling for her children with Child Protective Services. Her Homelessness came from losing her children, and inability to cope.

10) Richard Bocook. Also knows as Harpman Hatter here in Spokane, Washington came in to talk to us about the importance of having a voice and using that voice to stand up for yourself and others. We talked about who he is, and coupled with the fact that KYRS gives a voice to the underserved, made for a good show for our Spring Fundraiser show. Had a great time briefly touching upon some important and taboo topics.

11) Marilee Roloff. Marilee is the Executive Director of Volunteers of America for this region. Volunteers of America operates The Hope House, an emergency shelter for women. We also talked about Crosswalk, an emergency shelter for youth here in Spokane, Washington. This was an enjoyable conversation, as I learned quite a lot from an awesome and irreplaceable community member here in Washington, and Idaho.

12) Mark Terrell. Mark is the founder and once Executive director of Cup of Cool Water, a local teen advocacy group and agency which operates a drop-in center for homeless teens here in Spokane. Had a great conversation, that broke a few negative connotations of a faith-based group, mainly discrimination.

13) Mike Helmberger. Today we talked to Mike Helmberger of Spokane Community Colleges. A mentorship specialist with the opportunity partnership program. The program funding from such an awesome program is through the workforce training and education coordinating board. A program that helps students gain practical hands-on knowledge not readily available anywhere else. A valuable resource for anyone trying to get back on their feet from poverty. Education is a vital component for most, if not all individuals in poverty wishing to improve their circumstances. Mike’s enthusiasm was great and much needed within a subject most often depressing to delve into.

14) Lynn Kimball. Lynn is the Executive Director of Aging and long-term care of Eastern Washington. Lynn spoke to us about poverty, and the elderly. A subject no one talks about. Coupled with Social security, and quite a few programs to help others into their old age, we talked about all the nuances of such a transition, and all the cliche’s that go into Social Security.

15) Joe Dumlao and Amy Waterman. Joe is an outreach specialist and Amy is a social worker for Spokane Veteran Services here in Spokane. Had a great conversation about Veteran homelessness, and the phenomena of Veterans leaving the service under the impression that work will be easy to find.

16) Diana Borisovo and Oxana Wren. Diana and Oxana are both from Russia. We had a great exchange of ideas, and thoughts about poverty, and homelessness.

17.) Jane. Jane from our last show came back to help us discuss for-profit colleges and the dangerous possibility of for-profit colleges exploiting our vulnerable.

18) Beth mies, Jane, and Malynda Gilson. Beth and Jane are both from The ORION Project, an advocacy group here in Spokane. Malynda is a member of the LGBTQ community. We all had a great conversation about the facts of this vulnerable population, and the Transgender bathroom bills of North Carolina and Washington state.

19) Cheryle and Sara. Cheryle and Sara is a mother and daughter who about 15 years ago, experienced domestic violence. This is their story of how it started, how it was perpetuated, and how it ended.

20) Pastor Jan Shannon, and Shar Lichty. Shar Lichty a Social worker, and advocate for our vulnerable here in Spokane, Wa. and Pastor Jan Shannon, Assistant Pastor, Westminster United Church of Christ (UCC) came on the show to talk to us about LGBTQ hate, and the ensuing violence in Orlando.

21) Henry Paz, Kurt Robinson, and William Vanderwater. All three gentleman are from various Christian churches here in Spokane, Wa. they came in today to help us explore the topic Faith and poverty. Faith and/or a strong friend/family/agency support system is integeral in helping anyone get off the streets.

22) Edie Rice-Sauer C.E.O. of Transitions. Transitions of Spokane is a nonprofit which specializes in helping Women and Children experiencing poverty and homelessness. Also they help out in Domestic violence situations in providing much needed support for victems. One of my fav shows.

23) Mark Kadel C.E.O. of World Relief. Mark Kadel spoke with us about Human trafficking. We had focused on Labor and Sex trafficking specifically.

24) Romney Simpson. Romney is a powerful advocate for our vulnerable populations, namely those that are in poverty. She helped us explore the topic, myth of the welfare queen.

25) Meribeth Garcia-Davison. Maribeth is your normal average person until you get to know her. Meribeth loves to volunteer. We brought her on the show to get her perspective on what it means to volunteer, and what goes through the volunteers mind.

26) Joseph Pakootas. Joe came by to the studio today to tell us about his run for Congress in the 5th Congressional district here in Eastern Washington.

27) Frank Korfias. Frank talked to us from Michigan on the phone. The interview was unique in that Frank talked to us about if the Governement is able to help correct the Homeless problem we have here in our country. Frank was a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy, and served with me in the US Navy around 2004.

28) Raven Smith of the show Basement Beats, Les from the show Radioactivity, and Sarah Jane. We talked about our fund drive, and how important it is for public contributions in keeping great shows like ours, The science of poverty going.

29) Meghan Apshaga. Meghan is a Staff Attorney at Disability Rights Washington here in Spokane. We had talked about some of the difficulties individuals and families face with various disabilities.

30) Colton Gerard. Colton is your typical young adult who is different from many of us. Colton is a Transgender person, changing from female to male. We had talked with him about this amazing process, and what that means for him and others who know him.

31) Kevin Oxley. Kevin is the Founder and President of the soon to be nonprofit Free Handyman for Disabled Veterans. We had talked about his nonprofit. and what he does for our disabled Veterans.

32) Melody Youker and Sabrina Votava. Both individauls work with populations at risk for suicide, and both teach suicide prevention. This was a two part series. Sabrina Votava is a QPR Master trainer and ASSIST trainer. Melody Youker is a Case worker at Martin Hall Juvenile Detention center in Medical Lake, Wa.

33) Christine Sheikh. Christine is a teacher in Colorado, who is also a Suni Muslim. We talked about the social aspects of being a Muslim in America.

34) John Lemus. John is the Commission chair for the Spokane Human Rights Commission. Had a great conversation about Human rights, and how to advocate for vulnerable populations effectively.

35) Heather lynn Cantamessa. Heather came by to tell us her story about her experience with Child Protective Services, and how she climbed that mountain to get them back.

36) Marsha Valenzuela. Marsha came by to tell us her story about her experience with Child Protective Services, and how she climbed that mountain to get them back. This is Part 2 of the 4 part series.

37) Ambrosia Eberhardt. Ambrosia came by to tell us her story about her experience with Child protective Services and how she climbed that mountain to get them back. This is part 3 of the 4 part series.

38) Today we had an anti hate celebration.  We had Jeri and Jenn from F-Yes to help us with this special two hour segment.

39) Mabel Elsom, the leading anti-trafficking expert here in the Inland NW. Her and Mark Kadel, a returning guest came by to help us on the trafficking topic. Moira Quintana also came in to help introduce the show for us.

40) Jade Annasta, a Transgender person here in Spokane, Wa.  What she goes through on a day to day basis.

41) David Yisrael, A man who was religiously discriminated against at the UGM.

42) Brian Beheler, the President and CEO of SKILS’KIN, a nonprofit who helps those with disabilities to obtain work.

43) Cindy Hamamoto, a Family Crime Victim advocate with the Martin Luther King Center here in Spokane, Wa.

44) Christine from KYRS nonprofit Spokane, and intro to Kate Monroe, new prospective co-host. We did our fundraiser pitch today.

45) Jason a volunteer with KYRS joined us today for our second show on our fundraiser.

46) Bart Logue, the Spokane Police Ombudsman, and his administrative assistant Luvimae Omana came by to talk to us about what they do on a day to day basis.

47) Betsy White, a Cisgender woman who is raising the first known Transgender prepubescent child here in Spokane, Wa.

48) Mina, Mina is a drifter who takes her travels seriously, and trying to escape the system and battle poverty.

49) Ben Stuckart, the City Councilman President of Spokane Wa, came by to talk to us about the criminalization of the Homeless.

50) Aaron Bocook, and Ryan Oelrich. Aaron was our guest host today interviewing the chairman of the Homeless Coalition Ryan Oelrich of Spokane, Wa.

51) Olivia Quintana, a typical teenager here in Spokane, Wa came by here today to help us talk about Human trafficking.

52) Carmie Hadley, and Jim Welch, the founders of Real Restoration, a nonprofit here in Spokane, Wa that deals with rescuing trafficking victims outside the US.

53) Paul Dillon,  Today we had the Director of public relations, and advocate for planned parenthood Paul Dillon with us.  We had a very informative and epic conversation about the truth of what Planned Parenthood is all about.

54) Dy Buchanan, Dy is the Founder and Executive Director of Jueteenth central Washington.  They help victims of Human Trafficking.

55) Daniel Walters, Daniel is a Staff writer at The Spokane Inlander.  The Inlander is a local newspaper that is sympathetic to those in poverty.

56) Chloe M Oneill, and Jade Annasta joined us today to talk about the lack of emergency shelters for the LGBTQ demographic.

57) Dylan, Gretchen, from various KYRS radio shows came by today to take over my show while I was on vacation.

58) Rachel Lehman,  An Intro assistant Professor of Sociology and woman studies at Community College of Denver.  We talked about the homeless and those in poverty in Denver, Colorado.

59) Anna, and Olivia two local area teens came by today to speak about what they know on the subjects of Poverty and Sex Trafficking.

60) Dave Lee, came by today to talk to us about his new show on KYRS called Healthcare Dialog.  We discussed how healthcare affects those in poverty and in vulnerable situations.

61) Stephen Eyeman, along with John Lemus came by today to talk about individuals with disabilities gaining meaningful employment.

62) Lili Navarrete, and Paul Dillon joined us for a conversation on Immigration and I.C.E.

63) Debbie DuPey, and Brigitte Yamamoto came by to talk with us about their upcoming sex trafficking awareness project here in Spokane, Wa.

64) Joseph Hettel, and his wife Sarah came by to tell us about their journey navigating the Immigration system.

65) Neal, the host of Personally Speaking here on KYRS, joined us for the fundrive episode.

66) Faith Breach Today we had talked to Faith Breach, a 27 year old new mom.  Faith is battling poverty, and trying to get  back on her feet.  However she is falling thru the cracks.  Here is her story.

67) Christina Ottomeier came in today to talk about her battle with not only homelessness, but with breast cancer as well.

68) Ian Robertson. Pastor Ian came in to talk to us about the project he is spearheading, constructing small cottages for our Homeless.

69) Natasha Callahan. Natasha did something extraordinary, she saved the life of an individual who was trying to commit suicide.

70) Kate Burke. City Councilwoman here in Spokane, came by to talk to us about the recent Homeless forum.

71) Host of the show Loveseat. Her Husband had recently passed away.  Her name is withheld as requested.


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    • April 5, 2018 at 5:42 pm

      This Sat April 7th we will have our first ever call in show. Our guest for the day is City Councilman president Ben Stuckart. All questions will be pertinant to our homeless, those in poverty, and our vulnerable populations. Each question will be limited to time. Please be respectful.

    • August 4, 2018 at 8:40 pm

      Jessie, I listen to most of your shows. I used to do Eloise’s Feast with Polly for about 4 or 5 years. I know some of your past guests and am familiar with most due to my work with pregnant substance using women who are not well connected with resources who are poor, trafficked, pimped, with substance use problems. That is not the reason I am contacting you. My program PCAP ( Parent Cild Assistance Program) hosts a conference in October called ‘Better Me Better Moms’ for women in our community. I am fascinated by the idea of ” the science of poverty” and was wondering if we talk about the possibility of you presenting possibly a panel discussion as a workshop at our conference October 13th before your show, don’t have exact time. I so really want to speak with you. I appreciate you and just have a feeling about this. The conference is on Facebook and PCAP is on the internet if you want to check us out. I’m home now so sending from my personal devic.. Please contact me Jessie. Teryl Mac Donald

      • December 1, 2018 at 7:21 pm

        Hello Teryl,
        I apologize to you immensely for not getting back to you in a timely manner. I have gone thru some life changes and trying to Bring myself back into focus. Thank you for contacting me, and I would love to meet with you for some good discussion.

    • December 1, 2018 at 5:13 pm

      Just wanted to say Your voice for those whom we often see but rarely hear was very moving.
      Your tone and honesty of opinion schooled many, no doubt.

    • December 10, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      So what does Spokane really think about the Homeless. I will be conducting a project between the poor/homeless and upper class. Details to come.

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