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The Firesign Theater is broadcast on KYRS every Sunday at 4PM! First off, it’s not a theatre at all– at least it doesn’t have four walls — but the fiery foursome that created it: Phil Austin (Aries), Phil Proctor (Leo), and Peter Bergman and David Ossman (Sagittarians), have managed to make subversive and surrealistic theatre wherever they go, being chosen among the “Fifty Greatest Acts of All Time” by Entertainment Magazine.

Firesign first became widely known in 1966 at L.A.’s listener-supported KPFK (where Phil A. and David were on staff), and when Phil P. came West with the musical The Amorous Flea they started performing together on Peter’s Radio Free Oz, rapidly evolving from doing put-ons and live original half-hour comic plays before ecstatic crowds into the multi-media production and performance entity we know today.

For decades, The Firesign Theatre has enjoyed wide popular success, producing best-selling records, nationally syndicated radio series, many local shows, musicals, and national tours, and the short films.

None of this begins to do them any justice: we encourage you to hear for yourself by tuning in to KYRS 88.1 & 92.3FM and streaming live at every Sunday at 4PM. This is in fact, about the only way to really understand what the Firesign Theatre was and IS about! We’re not insane!



  • Sunday - 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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