Simmer Down

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In everyday life we are bombarded by noise. Noise from the city, from people, or even inside the mind. For two hours, let go of the noise and replace it with sound. Sound that soothes the senses and creates a space of calm. Let go of everything else and just simmer down.

Music has been called “the quickening art”. While this is often a true description, music can also be quite the opposite. Pieces such as Brahms’ Lullaby or Enya’s Only Time have the power to lower your heart rate, quiet your mind and even tease out a yawn. Given the chance, there is much to be gained from finding a centered, calm space through ambient tones and subtle compositions. Go ahead, close your eyes and let it all melt away. If you fall asleep we won’t be insulted. In fact, that means you’re doing it right.


  • Sunday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

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