Ultrapop 6-12-2018


Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID 9:57pm (Sonic Trash)
Bratmobile Cherry Bomb
Oyasumi Hologram Mother
Dempagumi.inc Idol
Rainbow Conquistador Summer Night is Too Short
Ladybaby Age Age Money
KOTO Platonic Planet
So There I Was Promo 10:20pm
Live & Local 10:21pm
PSA 10:21pm
Chisato Moritaka Miss Lady
Sayuri Kokusho Jajauma
Yoshie Kashiwabara Hello Goodbye
Seiko Sawada Without Saying Goodbye
Vehicle Donation 10:39pm
Think Beer Promo 10:40pm
Wink Hideaway
FEMM Hideaway
Talking Heads Burning Down the House
UV Itaewon Freedom
Legal ID 10:59pm
Wink Boys Don't Cry
yyxy love4eva
Elris We, First
fromis_9 dkdk
Nonprofit Radio Promo 11:15pm
PSA 11:15pm
Gorillaz Empire Ants
Nature Danger Gang Last Summer
Salu Lost at Night
Superorganism Nobody Cares
Crayon Pop Uh-Ee
IU Zeze
Vehicle Donation 11:40pm
Two Brown Ladies and a Microphone Promo 11:41pm
Mondo Grosso False Sympathy
Kindan no Tasuketsu Chasing the Eurobeat
Tentenko After School Sympathy
Avandoned Feedback Friday
Legal ID 12:01am