Ultrapop 4-23-2019


Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID 9:59pm (Sonic Trash)
Love Spread Host in the Hell
Twice Fancy
Kisum Say Hi
Shaun & Ovan Home
Nana Melancholy Smoothie
The In Box Promo 10:22pm
PSA 10:23pm
Cy8er Summer
The Hair Kid My Love is Online
Tentenko Animal's Pre-Human
Minsu Minsu is Confused
Soul Dimensions of DX Pryme Promo 10:42pm
Vehicle Donation 10:42pm
Stella Jang Vanishing Paycheck
Eunha & Ravi Blossom
Lovelyz Twinkle
April Happy Everyday
Legal ID 10:58pm
Mark Redito Everything Felt Right
Chanmina I'm a Pop
Sky-Hi Chit-Chit-Chat
YonYon & Sirup Mirror
Towa Tei REM
Hiraidai The Gift
The Vinyl Hour Promo 11:21pm
PSA 11:22pm
Oh Hyuk & Cifika MOMOM
Yeule Pocky Boy
Xin Seha Time
Riri That's My Baby
Vehicle Donation 11:40pm
Homegrown Radio Promo 11:40pm
Iri Wonderland
Teenage Riot Flamingo
Hyo Sober
Ladiant Let Me Make Love
Legal ID 11:59pm