The Vinyl Hour – 2019-08-22

The Vinyl Hour

Okay Boys-N-Girls of Fine Radio Stature, Welcome to another exciting episode of ‘The Vinyl Hour’!  Tonight’s show will include a second installment of ‘The Bob Show’!!! When we last left off, ‘Bob’ had brought up some much way-cool music from his vaults for us to enjoy, that we couldn’t get to the half of it!  So ‘Bob’ will be up again to our spacious-palacious studio for a continuation of ‘The Bob Show’.

Please join us for another exciting episode of ‘The Vinyl Hour’, AND PLEASE REMEMBER to ‘Pay KYRS Forward…”

Peace and Good Radio…     Ned & Charlie

THANKS BOB for ‘The Son of Bob Show”

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
8:pm - Legal ID - Live DJ
Queen Radio Ga-Ga
The Hollies On A Carousel
STYX Lorelei
Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Them Changes
8:25pm - PSA
8:26pm - Show Promo
Julian Lennon Stick Around
Julian Lennon You Get Want You Want
Woody Herman Can't Get Next To You
8:45pm - PSA
8:46pm - Underwriter
8:47pm - Show Promo
Ali Thomson We Were All In Love
Ali Thomson African Queen
8:58pm - Legal ID - Live DJ
Tomita Pegasus
George Harrison Woman Don't You Make Me Cry
Dixie Dregs The Great Spectacular
Trimvirat Viva Pompell
David Gilmore I Can't Breath Anymore
Camel Lunar Sea
Angle Feelings
Kinks Tired Of Waiting For You
9:40pm - PSA
9:41pm - PSA
9:42pm - Underwriter
Dixie Dregs I'm Freaking Out
9:58pm - Legal Live - Live DJ