The Edge, 5-6-19

The Edge

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
wire ex lion tamer
wire three girl rhumba
wire mannequin
total control retiree
the chats smoko
sex pistols pretty vacant
10:20pm PSA
metal urbain panik
metal urbain paris marquis
the damned jet boy jet girl
les cadavres nucléaire mon ami
the stranglers straighten out
10:40pm Show Promo
10:41pm KYRS vehicle donation PSA
the stranglers strange little girl
the stranglers dead ringer
the mob witch hunt
gang of four to hell with poverty
killing joke eighties
subhumans (UK band) british disease
11:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
fang landshark
fang law and order
the freeze no exposure
off! hypnotized
circle jerks l paid vacation
circle jerks rats of reality
7 seconds strength
11:20pm PSA
7 seconds this is angry pt 2
7 seconds if the kids are united
black flag beat my head against the wall
mission of burma that's when i reach for my revolver
bob mould star machine
11:40pm Show Promo
the pixies bone machine
the maggots let's get tammy wynette
X universal corner
the urinals scholastic aptitude
the spits all i want
jello biafra and the melvins enchanted thoughtfist
angry samoans time has come today
angry samoans i lost my mind
screeching weasel i robot
12:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
the legendary pink dots love in a plain brown envelope
sisters of mercy kiss the carpet
absolute body control surrender no resistance
cccandy bare
cccandy teacher of lust
12:20am PSA
tones on tail christian says
principleasure hexagonal dab
david bowie fashion
new order 5-8-6
wire doubles & trebles
12:40am Show Promo
xtc smartest monkeys
xtc millions
com truise karova
macintosh plus you need a hero
1:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
missing persons windows
digital leather white
modern english life in the gladhouse
the boomtown rats up all night
1:20am PSA
the fixx are we ourselves?
geneva jacuzzi clothes on the bed
connan mockasin its choade my dear
cocteau twins in our angel hood
blablarism a.d.
1:40am Show Promo