The Edge, 5-20-19

The Edge

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
public image ltd. public image
gang of four i found that essence rare
gang of four at home he's a tourist
the clash complete control
10:20pm PSA
the chats smoko
the saints this perfect day
marbled eye primrose
the stranglers toiler on the sea
diat schadenfreude
10:40pm Show Promo
10:41pm KYRS vehicle donation PSA
the fall bury pts 1 + 3
the damned hit or miss
the damned nasty
crass mother earth
11:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
husker du somewhere
husker du real world
dag nasty values here
dag nasty incinerate
fugazi burning too
minutemen little man with a gun in his hand
11:20pm PSA
nation of ulysses love is a bull market
nation of ulysses ulythium
no age soft collar fad
the germs our way
the germs the other newest one
the cramps green fuzz
the cramps tv set
11:40pm Show Promo
the misfits children in heat
the wipers romeo
the pixies distance equals rate times time
the pixies break my body
x some other time
x blue spark
the gun club a house is not a home
spoon don't buy the realistic
spoon not turning off
12:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
cabaret voltaire red mask
cabaret voltaire spies in the wires
ramleh a dog's breakfast
throbbing gristle united
12:20am PSA
crass walls (fun in the oven)
rapture the coming of spring
rapture house of jealous lovers
the cure primary
liars no 1 against the rush
12:40am Show Promo
the klaxons totem on the timeline
david bowie and brian eno hallo spaceboy
david bowie its no game pt 1
david bowie aladdin sane
1:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
brian eno no one receiving
brian eno king's lead hat
broadcast bit 35
broadcast corporeal
stereolab the noise of carpet
stereolab fluorescences
1:20am PSA
cannibale hidden wealth
com truise idle withdrawal
kim wilde kids in america
macintosh plus you need a hero
men without hats living in china
1:40am Show Promo
american nudism future 5 0
digital leather greener