The Edge, 4-29-19

The Edge

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
the stranglers tank
the chats smoko
the saints know your product
the birthday party mutiny in heaven
10:20pm PSA
the fall mother/sister
the fall carry bag man
diat shadenfruede
the ex jack frost is innocent
the ex six of one and half a dozen of the other
sisters of mercy 1969
10:40pm Show Promo
10:41pm KYRS vehicle donation PSA
sisters of mercy adrenochrome
the damned new rose
the mob witch hunt
joy division transmission (live BBC)
joy division wilderness
11:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
nomeansno sex mad
d.o.a. general strike
d.o.a. the prisoner
subhumans (Canadian band) urban guerrillas
at the drive in enfilade
dead kennedys where do ya draw the line
dead kennedys moon over marin
11:20pm PSA
naked raygun i don't know
fear new york's alright ( if you like saxophones)
jawbreaker fine day
man or astro man inside of the atom
man or astro man wayward meteor
11:40pm Show Promo
the cramps new kind of kick
the ramones 7 and 7 is
the ramones 53rd and 3rd
the reatards break down
jay reatard hammer i miss you
iggy and the stooges penetration
12:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
principleasure intro
principleasure hexagonal dab
le tigre LT tour theme
missing persons i like boys
missing persons destination unknown
the lost sounds soon this tomb
12:20am PSA
wall of voodoo look at their way
thee oh sees nite expo
r. stevie moore conflict of interest
devo through being cool
devo beautiful world
digital leather greener
12:40am Show Promo
digital leather he's minstrel
gary numan and the tubeway army fadeout 1930
gary numan bombers (live)
gary numan remember i was vapor (live)
1:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
kraftwerk antenna
kraftwerk elektrisches roulette
ultravox slow motion
ultravox maximum acceleration
peter gabriel i don't remember
1:20am PSA
peter gabriel intruder
david bowie beauty and the beast
brian eno cindy tells me
roxy music editions of you
roxy music virginia plain
1:40am Show Promo
gary glitter i didn't know i loved you til i saw you rock and roll
julian cope michael rother