The Edge, 4-22-19

The Edge

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
buzzcocks everybody's happy nowadays
buzzcocks boredom
the adverts one chord wonders
the jam standards
the jam going underground
public image ltd attack
10:20pm PSA
public image ltd flowers of romance
the business real enemy
subhumans (UK band) ex teenage rebel
the anals commando of love
swell maps midget submarines
10:40pm Show Promo
10:41pm KYRS vehicle donation PSA
uk subs rebel radio
the damned neverland
stratford mercenaries o happy hour
pere ubu final solution
11:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
minor threat it follows
minor threat cashing in
reagan youth in dog we trust
the vandals a pirate's life
d.i. OC life
jawbreaker softcore
adolescents peasant song
11:20pm PSA
slint carol
slint pat
big black racer x
iggy pop repo man
iggy pop i'm bored
11:40pm Show Promo
the misfits children in heat
the misfits cough/cool
the germs caught in my eye
angry samoans lights out
angry samoans haizman's brain is calling
the descendents coolidge
jodie foster's army baja
jodie foster's army beach blanket bongout
12:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)