The Edge, 4-15-19

The Edge

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
sex pistols emi
the stranglers five minutes
the stranglers peaches
the mob rise up
10:20pm PSA
gang of four natural's not in it
crisis no town hall
crisis brookwood hospital
crisis holocaust
g.b.h. give me fire
10:40pm Show Promo
10:41pm KYRS vehicle donation PSA
the ex six of one and half a dozen of the other
the ex weapons for El Salvador
the clash this is radio clash
the fall dresden dolls
the fall 15 ways
joy division novelty
11:00PM LEGAL ID (live dj)
subhumans (Canadian band) urban guerilla
subhumans (Canadian band) no productivity
agent orange bloodstains
agent orange living in darkness
reagan youth in dog we trust
reagan youth degenerated
11:20pm PSA
flipper ha ha ha
dead kennedys buzzbomb
dead kennedys moon over marin
off! hypnotized
black flag nervous breakdown
redd kross linda blair
11:40pm Show Promo
the descendents myage
the descendents suburban home
bad religion what can you do?
pere ubu heart of darkness
X white girl
beat happening i love you
the cramps sunglasses after dark
the stooges not right
12:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
can father cannot yell
can millionspiel
ash ra Tempel freak & roll
kraftwerk ruckzuck
12:20am PSA
neu! cassetto
harmonia 76 when shade was born
brian eno and cluster base & apex
macintosh plus you need a hero
aeroc idiom
icehouse skin
12:40am Show Promo
com truise karkova
japan life in Tokyo
gary numan random
grace jones slave to the rhythm
grace jones i've seen that face before (libretto)
1:00AM LEGAL ID (live dj)
soft cell memorabilia
divine i'm so beautiful
bronski beat w/Eartha Kitt cha cha heels
bronski beat why?
bow wow wow baby oh no
1:20am PSA
adam ant desperate but not serious
siouxsie and the banshees gun
the creatures weathercade
joy division transmission
new order ecstasy
1:40am Show Promo
new order the beach