Radioactivity 9.9.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Cake Waiting
Bruiser Queen On The Radio
Residents Mans World
Dr Pat Spearman ERA on House Floor
Josh Ritter Thin Blue Flame
School house Rock Pirates and Emperors
Chris Hedges - RJD2 The 2008 Crash
Faithless Mass Destruction
Raiymek Del La Rose Roho
Raiymek Del La Rose Tonight
James Baldwin The Fire This Time (excerpt)
John Denver Variety Hour with Mama Cass Voter Apathy 1972
Nahko and Medicine for the People Culture Vulture (edited)
Angela Davis Occupy 10/30/11
Robert Sapolsky
Nina Simone How It Feels To Be Free Montreaux Jazz Festival 1974
LP Music is not Safe
Mountain Goats Love Lvoe Love
Marina Abramovich Success is not Art
Joanna Newsom Sapokanikan
Bing Crosby Pennies from Heaven
Dalai Lama Hope
Spiritual Zero I Belong
Lemon Jelly Spacewalk LEgal ID (Live DJ) 1pm
Boy Eat Drum Machine We Make Our Own Light
Project Censored cut in