Radio-Activity, 2019-04-29, So Into 2017 Prerecorded


Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00 am, Legal Id, Prerecorded show
The Afgan Whigs Arabian heights
Au Revoir Simone Lark
Citizen Nobody Sukhavati
Crystal Fairy
10:23 am, Show promo
Eddie Vedder Out of sand
Deep Dive Corp. + Ingrid Chavez Ride
elbow Mgnificent (she says)
EMA Aryan nation
10:40 am, Show promo 10:41 am, Vehicle donation
Eric & Magill In our bubbles
Emily Roig Skin
Fleet Foxes Third of May
Florence Joelle One step forward
11:00 am, Legal Id Prerecorded show
The High Head Hunters Broken down house
Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Broke me in two
Middlemist Red Drifter in the dark
Juana Molina Cosoco
11:20 am, Show promo
Stars Fluorescent light
Julia Holter Fell you
Shout Out Louds Oh oh
Laura Marling Soothing
11:42 am, Show promo 11:43 am, Vehicle donation
Son Lux Dangerous
LP Muddy Waters (live)
Holly And The Byrd ft. Tony Valentine So into (everything you do)
11:53 am, Legal Id Prerecorded show