QueerSounds 7/11

Queer Sounds

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Don Lennon Gay Fun
Beyonce Run the world ( Girls)
Ani Difranco Origami
Neko Case People Got A lotta nerve
Nina Simone Feeling good
Melissa Etheridge Pulse
Liz Phair Extaordinary psa's 630pm Spokatopia, unity in comm. , GiveKYRS
Hole Celebrity Skin
Team Dresch She's Amazing
Fea You can't Change me
Yoko Ono, John Palumbo Yes, I'm a witch
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl
God-des & She Top of the world Underwriting 651pm Boo Radleys Garland theater
Sarah Bettens Shine
Madonna What it feels like for a girl
Ah-Mer-Ah-Su Powerful
Sia Unstoppable
Lizzo Styin alive ( From happy death day ) legal ID 705pm
Bitch and Animal Feminist Housewives Underwriting 722pm Nyne Bar, Red dragon
Gossip Standing in the way of control
The muffs Rock and roll girl
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Bad Reputation
Le Tigre On the verge
Lizzo, Carline Smith Let 'em say
Brandi Carlile Raise Hell underwriting 745pm Boots Bakery
Bitch Stayin alive