Queer sounds 7/12

Queer Sounds

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
602pm Legal ID Megaseg
Don Lennon Gay fun
Bikini Kill Reject all American
Amy Ray Let it ring
Billy Bragg, wilco All you fascists
Tegan and Sara Proud 622pm Underwriting, Boots Bakery
Nedells and Thom Cute Things
Bob Mould see a littel light
Chicano Batman Freedom is Free
Melissa Etheridge Imagine That
My Gay banjo How many kinds of courage ( song for Chelsea Manning)
Tune-Yards Hey life
Foxy Shazam Unstoppable
Le Tigre New kicks
Depeche Mode Where's the revolution
Gossip Standing in the way of control 704pm Legal ID, Irey
706pm, Underwriting, Boo Radley's
Queen Bicycle Race
My Gay Banjo Country boys in the city
Sheryle Crow Hard to make a stand
Against me! Baby, I'm an anarchist!
Angel Haze, Sia Battle cry
JD Samson, Men Who am I to feel so free
Bright Eyes When the President talks to god 736pm Underwriting Nyne Bar
Melissa Etheridge All American Girl
MRF Be Strong (LGBT YOuth)
Disco Divas Free Gay & happy 753pm underwriting red dragon, Garland theater
Sylvester You make me feel mightly real
Erasure Respect