Queer Sounds 2/7/19

Queer Sounds

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Don Lennon Gay Fun Legal ID 605pm
Scissor Sisters Fire with fire
Tegan and Sara Time Running
Cat Power You get
Hedwig and the angry inch/John Cameron Mitchel Wig in a box
The Breeders Wiat in the car All Nerve 630pm Underwriting Red Dragon / Ruby chows
Gossip Where the girls are
Veruca Salt Love you less Ghost Notes
Bob Mould Sunshine Rock Lost Faith
Marvin The Robot Shouldn't have to be so brave
Kate Reid Closet Femme
The Butchies The Galaxy is gay
Gentleman Reg The Boyfriend Song 649pm Underwriting Nyne bar, Boo Radley's
Chely Wright Where will you be
Eric Himan You're gonna need me 705pm Legal ID
Melissa Ferrick The other side 706pm Underwriting Garland Theater
Belle and Sebastian Perfect couples
Robyn Missing U Honey
RuPaul/ Matt Pop/ Ellis Miah House of love
Mighty Mark/ TT The Artist/Colada Be More
Mary Lambert She keeps me warm 725pm Underwriting Boots bakery
Indigo Girls Galileo
Melissa Ferrick Till You're dead
Erin McKeown The Queer gospel
Ellis Coming home to you
The Mountain goats Liza Forever Minnelli
Joan Jett and the Black hearts/ Laura Jane Grace/ Miley Cyrus Adrogynous
Dressy Bessy Girl, you shout!
Erasure A Little respect