Queens of Noise 9/13/2017

Queens of Noise

Join your host the duchess tonight for some of our favorites (Cocorosie), and some newbies (ANIMA!, Boyfriend, Kacy Hill)



“The music of CocoRosie (the band’s name is an amalgam of their mother’s nicknames for the girls) is most often categorized by critics as “freak folk,” placing the two sisters in a new wave of 20-something singer-songwriters like Devendra Banhart or the harpist Joanna Newsom, who have revived the ’70s culture of homemade authenticity with at once more wholesomeness and more joyous perversity than their elders. Freak folk is not a bad label for CocoRosie, as far as labels go. But CocoRosie’s sound — the effects they deploy include windup toys and a kitten’s mewling, as well as more conventional instruments like a snake charmer’s flute, an out-of-tune ukulele or a beat box — is a little freakier, even, than that of most of their colleagues.”

Check out the full article on Cocorosie from The New York Times below!


Wild Child
“Wild Child doesn’t want a place to hide. Song after song, town after town, they’ll wear their hearts on their sleeves, addicted to the rush that only comes when thousands of strangers know all your secrets and sing them back to you, because they’re their secrets, too.

“It’s not necessarily the performing that’s addictive, but being able to connect with that many people at once,” says Kelsey Wilson, who shares lead vocal and songwriting responsibilities for the Austin-based seven-piece band with Alexander Beggins. “You feel like you’re together in something––like you experience the whole thing together. It’s family therapy with a lot of dancing.”

Wild Child’s third album Fools (out via Dualtone Records) is an ambitious collection of lush pop that takes sad stories and transforms them into an ebullient love letter to the power of music and the art of living with yourself.

Made up of Kelsey on violin and vocals, Alexander on ukulele and vocals, Evan Magers on keyboards, Sadie Wolfe on cello, Chris D’Annunzio on bass, Drew Brunetti on drums, and Matt Bradshaw on trumpet, Wild Child has built a sprawling grassroots following on the strength of high-spirited live shows that feel like self-contained joy benders, along with two precocious albums.”

Read the full bio on Wild Child’s website.


Madame Gandhi
“As an activist, Kiran uses her voice, music and written work to empower her audiences to be their best and authentic selves. She believes wholeheartedly in the idea that we must strive to live in a world that is “linked and not ranked”, in which each person has something unique to contribute to one another, and therefore we must equip each person with the environment they need to access their fullest potential. Kiran has partnered with menstrual health organizations Binti Period, Thinx, Zana Africa, Happy Period, Lola, Global Fund, Girl Up and others to improve women’s access to affordable and safe menstrual care. She speaks often about how menstruation taboo affects women and girls daily around the world, and was part of the early round table discussions that lead to the elimination of the “luxury tax” on tampons in her home city of New York.

Upon releasing her first-ever electrofeminist solo EP called Voices, Madame Gandhi now tours full-time as a speaker and musician and is working on her next album. Her mission is to elevate and celebrate the female voice. “

Read the full Madame Gandhi bio below!




Sylvan Esso

” When Meath sings to Sanborn a melody that she’s conjured and captured, he almost instinctively knows how to respond. And when he delivers to her the backbone of a wordless beat, she adds lyrical bait where he’d only seen white space. Sylvan Esso represents the fulfillment of their fortuitous encounter by, once again, linking parts that too often come stripped of their counterparts. Here, motion comes with melody. Words come with ideas. And above all, pop comes back with candor.”


Sylvan Esso


Maddy O’ Neal






Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID 8pm- Live DJ
Nina Simone Baltimore Baltimore
Valerie June Astral Plane The Order of Time
Cocorosie Lucky Clover Heartache City
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Give Me Peace A Man Alive
The Wind & The Wave The Redhead in Aberdeen Happiness Is Not A Place
PSA 8:20pm Show Promo 8:21pm Mission Statement 8:22pm
Wild Child Meadows Fools
Wild Child Break Bones Fools
Kacy Hill Lion Like A Woman
Boyfriend Beauty Is Pain Next
Underwriting 8:38pm Show Promo 8:39pm
Madame Gandhi Gandhi Blues Voices EP
Madame Gandhi Yellow Sea Voices EP
Blended Babies, Lorine Chia Moment Lorine Chia EP
Blended Babies, Lorine Chia How We Ride/Time Lorine Chia EP
Legal ID 8:57pm-LIVE DJ
Generationals, Sarah Quintana In Green Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl
Sunsquabi Sparrow Thunder
Sunsquabi, Late Night Radio Cinnamon Cinnamon
Kormac, Bajka Wake Up Doorsteps
Caravan Palace Human Leather Shoes For Crocodile Dandies
PSA 9:17pm Show Promo 9:18pm Car Donation 9:19pm Please Support 9:20pm
ANIMA! Genius Art:Work
ANIMA! Blood
Sylvan Esso Dress
Sylvan Esso Wolf Spotify Session
The Do On My Shoulders
Show Promo 8:40pm Underwriting 8:40pm Mission Statement 8:41pm
Maddy O' Neal The Way We Dance Introspect
Maddy O' Neal Everyday Parallels
Griz, Russ Liquid Love Will Follow You Chasing The Golden Hour pt. 1
Legal ID 10pm- LIVE DJ