Queens of Noise 8/21/19

Queens of Noise

Thanks for tuning in for another round of Queens of Noise! Every Wednesday hear something new from all the wonderful women making waves in music. No genre required!

You can find Queens of Noise and KYRS on Facebook. The direct studio/request line is 509-747-3807. You can email me directly at Queensofnoise@kyrs.org

Tonight’s show is very electronic based. Thanks as always for listening and supporting Queens of Noise and KYRS!




Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID 8pm, LIVE DJ
Synova Alive
Tash Sultana Seven Flow State
CloZee, Megan Hamilton Secret Place Harmony Remixes Megan Hamilton Remix
Ninajirachi, Yates Same World
Maddy O'Neal, Emily Clark Follow The Sound
Maddy O' Neal Like Gold
Text "GIVEKYRS" to 44321 8:33pm
Show Promo 8:33pm
PSA 8:34pm
Underwriting 8:37pm
ill-esha, Dewey DB H.A.A.R.P
ill-esha Smoke & Mirrors Circadian Rhythms
Lil Fish, CloZee The Lost Voices
Beats Antique She's Looking For Something Contraption Vol.1
Dimond Saints, Yaarrohs Innocence Prism In The Dark
Legal ID 9pm, Live DJ
Lastlings Verona
Lastlings Last Breath
Ninajirachi, Freya Staer Pure Luck
Alice Ivy, Ecca Vandal In My Mind
Text "GIVEKYRS" to 44321 9:18pm
Show Promo 9:18pm
PSA 9:19pm
Alison Wonderland Peace
Alison Wonderland Church
Chelsea Jade Laugh It Off
filous, LissA Feel Good Inc.
Underwriting 9:36pm
Show Promo 9:36pm
Vehicle Donation 9:37pm
Portishead Mysterons Dummy
Sevdaliza Marilyn Monroe Ison
ABRA Fruit Rose
CocoRosie Villain Tales of a GrassWidow
Emily Wells Remind Me To Remember
Legal ID 10pm, Live DJ