Queens of Noise 5/15/19

Queens of Noise

Thanks for tuning in for another round of Queens of Noise here on KYRS!

Really stoked to debut the newest release from ANIMA! “Grow Your Garden.”


“Grow Your Garden is a reminder that we’re all born with something unique and equally important within us. We are all given seeds to grow into into abundant plants that help heal and nurture the earth. Your garden are the ideas, actions and dreams that keep you going every day, that give you a reason to trust your gut and make something beautiful out of your time on this planet. Nobody can take it away from you and nobody can tell you it doesn’t matter because even a small garden can feed you for a lifetime. So trust your intuition, put in the hard work, celebrate what makes you different and share it with others. There’s nothing like walking through a beautiful garden that makes you want to plant your own.”



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Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
ANIMA! Streaks Grow Your Garden
ANIMA! One Hundred Pieces Grow Your Garden
Ayla Nereo Flicker By the Light of the Dark Moon
Ayla Nereo Sweet Sailor By the Light of the Dark Moon
PSA 8:24pm Show Promo 8:25pm Mission Statement 8:26pm
Rising Appalachia, Ani Difranco Speak Out Leylines
Ani DiFranco Not A Pretty Girl No Walls Mixtape
Laurel Life Worth Living Acoustic Version
Underwriting 8:40pm
Dessa Grade School Games
Dessa Say When
Brika Blinded
Brika Distracted
Torii Wolf Can't Let You Go!
Torii Wolf Shadows Crawl
Martyr Sevdaliza
LEGAL ID 9pm, Live DJ
Portishead Wandering Star
Emily Wells Symphony 1 In The Barrel of a Gun The Symphonies
CocoRosie Villain Tales of a GrassWidow
Show Promo 9:21pm
PSA 9:22pm
Mission Statement 9:23pm
CMA, Wonder So Far Away
Blackmill, Veela Let It Be Miracle
CloZee Aurora Evasion
Saint Sinner, The Human Experience Sad
Saint Sinner, Supertask
Underwriting 8:40pm
KR3TURE Watch It Grow
KR3TURE, Sea-Ren I Wanna Be Like You
ill-esha, Venza Your Skies
CharlesTheFirst, CloZee The Mist
Madeline McNeill Solve For X
Emily Wells Fair Thee Well & The Requiem Mix The Symphonies