psychic radio 08 – 10 – 18 new music

Psychic Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1000 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded
neo neos heat wave nuclear group (single) another label 2016
kaleidoscope scorched earth 2017 7 in. EP D4MT labs inc neurosonic research 2018
dark web toxic america clone age LP erste theke tonträger 2018
liquids purple hot liqs revenge LP neck chop 2018
the time flys the wet ones the wet ones/christine 7 in. birdman 2004
1020 pm - show promo
fernando & the teenage narcs teenage skin last dance with mary jane (coz i'm bustin' dope smokers) cs. refry 2017
beta boys l'appel du vide late night acts LP erste theke tonträger/feel it 2018
cold meat au naturel jimmy's lipstick 7 in. EP helta skelta 2016
the chats nazi march get this in 'ya 10 in. MLP hot wax 2017
the fritz OCD S/T LP drunken sailor 2018
1040 pm - show promo
warm bodies i'm a dog S/T LP lumpy 2018
pineapple RnR merferd in bondage pineapple rik n roll 7 in. EP lumpy 2018
objects for your health demo cs. self released 2016
citric dummies the kids are alt-right the kids are alt-right LP erste theke tonträger 2018
AH & THE REPS fissures (live at practice) tour tape '16 cs. self released 2016 andy human & the reptoids
neo neos money trash cool EP another label 2017
smooch meaty-uh first kiss cs. big dunce 2017
kid chrome i've had it i've had it 7 in. EP neck chop 2018
stiff love up in your room trouble 7 in. EP neck chop 2018
liquids cry baby hot liqs revenge LP neck chop 2018
civic nuclear son new vietnam LP anti fade 2018
1100 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded
cruelster gold studded citizen riot boys LP lumpy 2018
nasal boys i ain't no stupid lost and found LP (1976-1978) swisspunk 2006
rik & the pigs dear ricky a child's gator LP total punk 2018
sick thoughts i'm going nowhere and i don't care songs about people you hate LP neck chop 2017
dangus tarkus binky boy binky boy 7 in. lumpy 2016
1110 pm - show promo
poison boys without you headed for disaster 7 in. EP no front teeth 2016
dumb vision warm meat S/T cs. rare plant 2016
buttz hot blood summer luvin' cs. self released 2016
steppe people totally restless can i get a ride golden eats 2016
S-21 chaos in the city streets year zero 7 in. EP slugsalt 2016
liquids all rocked out hot liqs revenge LP neck chop 2018
1120 pm - show promo
cold meat sidewalk savagery sweet treats cs. helta skelta 2015
AH & THE REPS exist in piss (live at practice) tour tape '16 cs. self released 2016. andy human & the reptoids
color tv total strangers S/T 7 in. EP deranged 2016
beyond peace burn it down what's there to be so proud of? 7 in. EP slugsalt 2018
raw prawn none left none left 7 in. EP R.I.P. society 2015
cremalleras cara descompuesta demo LP cintas pepe 2013
1140 pm - show promo
bulsch tartington tartington cs. saucepan 2016
erik nervous saint loo-e nervoloid 7 in. EP digital regress 2018
dark web robot dreams clone age LP erste theke tonträger 2018
lysol teenage trance teenage trance / chemical reaction 7 in. neck chop 2018
gen pop no change gen pop II 7 in. EP feel it 2018
wonder bread famous 6 vitamins cs. discontinuous innovation inc. 2016
wonder bread my dad was in a hardcore band complete solid gold hits 7 in. EP discontinuous innovation inc. 2018
dark thoughts psycho ward at work LP drunken sailor 2018