psychic radio 05 – 17 – 19 new punk, H/C, wave

Psychic Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1000 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded
freak genes 7 or 9 quak quak LP drunken sailor 2018
xeno and oaklander a world without sun hypnos LP dias 2019
vital idles seconds S/T 7 in. EP upset! the rhythm 2019
jeez louise do you wanna demonstration recording cs. ketchup & mustard industires 2018
andy human and the reptoids cul de sac psychic sidekick LP total punk 2019
corner boys norman waiting for 2020 LP drunken sailor 2019
1020 pm - show promo
crisis man no decline the myth of moderation 7 in. EP digital regress 2018
pandemix exit strategy scale models of atrocities LP boss tuneage 2017
sick thoughts nothin' in this world S/T LP goner 2018
neo neos keep on walkin' kill someone you hate LP neck chop 2018
control test III no me digas nada cs. self released/lumpy 2018
gag wal-mart reality america's greatest hits LP iron lung 2016
the world last rhodesian reddish LP microminiature 2019
1040 pm - show promo
zed zilch (i'm not) one of the boys (i'm not) one of the boys/cut corners cs. feel it 2018
the chats nambored get this in ya 10 in. MLP hot wax 2017
UV-TV you're high demo cs. high fashion industries 2015
the fritz vicious fix S/T LP drunken sailor 2018
institute only child beat session vol. 6 cs. shout recordings 2018
1100 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded
civic satellites live at PBS cs. blow blood 2019
table sugar carried away introductory material LP water wing 2018
amyl and the sniffers cup of destiny single flightless 2018
the flex under the knife wild stabs in the dark LP video disease 2014
liquids ants brandon's in jail cs. self released 2015
the smarthearts let's ride S/T cs. self released 2016
vanilla poppers i like your band i like your band E.P. 7 in. feel it 2018
protruders poison future poison future MLP feel it 2019
1120 pm - show promo, UW
marbled eye curtain beat session vol. 8 cs. shout recordings 2019
rik and the pigs stevie b. goode a child's gator LP total punk 2018
bogus genius spiders S/T album self released 2019
alien nosejob sydney sizzles death of the vinyl boom 7 in. EP self released 2019
knowso physical freak like a buzz 7 in. EP feel it 2019
generacion suicida le sangre corre reflejos LP symphony of destruction 2017
brandy rent quest clown pain self released 2019
1140 pm - show promo
scrap brain crybaby a journey into madness LP drunken sailor 2019
patti snowball bad back 7 in. EP erste theke tonträger 2018
blotchouts disontinuous innovation inductee theme song endless slog cs. disontinuous innovation inc 2018
BOFA dig what is... cs. disontinuous innovation inc 2018
corner boys lies and excuses waiting for 2020 LP drunken sailor 2019
sick thoughts 18 and free 18 and free 7 in. total punk 2016
tenement rats free to make a jail S/T 7 in. EP no front teeth 2016
S.H.I.T. self control beat session vol. 7 cs. shout recordings 2019
freak genes on the TV quak quak LP drunken sailor 2018