psychic radio 04 – 12 – 19 new punk, wave, H/C

Psychic Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1000 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded, UW
freak genes give way quak quak LP drunken sailor 2018
nancy winners S/T cs. eat the life 2013
the normals eat me raw 1978 recordings CD NAT 2006
liquids ants brandon's in jail cs. self released 2015
1020 pm - show promo
BOFA dig what is ... cs. discontinuous innovation inc. 2018
fried egg transient square one LP feel it 2019
uranium club grease monkey the cosmo cleaners: the higher calling of business provocateurs LP static shock 2019
twelve cubic feet mary's got the bug straight out the fridge 10 in. MLP namedrop 1982
the smarthearts memory man S/T cs. self released 2016
R.M.F.C. robot house hive cs. slime street 2018
freak genes waxing moon III LP drunken sailor 2019
slant the trap vain attempt 7 in. EP iron lung 2019
andy human and the reptoids autism 42/a-void psychic sidekick LP total punk 2019
1040 pm - show promo
b. spanks semi-correct S/T cs. fuzzkill 2017
blotchouts astrophysical terror endless slog cs. discontinuous innovation inc. 2016
vital idles careful extracts S/T 7 in. EP upset! the rhythm 2019
the fritz OCD S/T LP drunken sailor 2018
the bleach boys chloroform chloroform 7 in. tramp 1978
toyota frat boy S/T LP digital regress 2019
gee tee bad habit S/T LP goodbe boozy 2018
EYE pale eye sabine LP knekelhuis 2016
the embarrassment drive me to the park death travels west LP fresh sounds inc. 1983
civic street machine dream new vietnam LP ANTI FADE 2018
the sediment club modern reference time decay now LP softspot music 2012
erik nervous & the beta blockers make up to break up LP cs. gold music 2019
liquids think too much happy halloween cs. self released 2018
the suburban homes magazine version E.P 3 7 in. EP neck chop 2018
1120 pm - show promo
nun wake in fright the dome LP aarght! 2018
jeez louise do you wanna demonstration recording cs. ketchup & mustard industries 2019
Östro 430 zu cool durch dick & dünn LP schallmauer 1981
playthings sit down (stand up) coloured 7 in. EP playmusic 1981
skiftende enheter jag har fått nog mördande rutin/jag har fått nog 7 in. market square 2018
l'amour someday look to the artist: 1978​-​1981 LP beach impediment 2018
constant mongrel big boy living in excellence LP ANTI FADE 2018
DANGÜS TARKÜS binky boy binky boy 7 in. lumpy 2016
crack cloud graph of desire anchoring point 7 in. EP good person recordings 2017
1140 pm - show promo
andy human and the reptoids cul de sac psychic sidekick LP total punk 2019
vintage crop guarantees company man 7 in. EP ANTI FADE 2019
liquids spurs + furs brandon's in jail cs. self released 2015
erik nervous & the beta blockers richard LP cs. gold music 2019
the smarthearts let's ride S/T cs. self released 2016