psychic radio 01 – 11 – 19 new punk, H/C, wave

Psychic Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1000 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded
gee tee bad habit S/T LP goodbye boozy 2018
vanilla poppers hands & knees S/T LP lumpy 2017
sick thoughts chainsaw S/T LP goner 2018
tenement rats do the death drug S/T 7 in. EP no front teeth 2016
jeez louise do ya wanna demonstration recording cs. ketchup & mustard industries 2018
1020 pm - show promo, UW
zed zilch (i'm not) one of the boys (i'm not) one of the boys/cut corners cs. feel it 2018
R.M.F.C. hive hive cs. slime street 2018
cement shoes fire bath S/T cs. the loki label 2018
dark web brain drain clone age LP erste theke tonträger 2018
fernando and the teenage narcs teenage skin last dance with mary jane (cuz i'm bustin' dope smokers) cs. refry 2017
cold meat au naturel jimmy's lipstick 7 in. EP helta skelta 2016
the fritz static eyes S/T LP drunken sailor 2018
wonder bread my dad was in a hardcore band complete solid gold hits 7 in. EP digital regress 2018
table sugar straight shooter introductory material LP water wing 2018
dangus tarkus binky boy binky boy 7 in. EP lumpy 2016
dumb vision modern things trash knife/dumb vision split EP kitschy spirit 2018
neo neos money trash cool EP another label 2017
1040 pm - show promo
cells cassette couture training ground​/​cells split another label 2018
the sperts hate the kids shed some blood EP self released 2018
arse primitive species S/T cs. grupo 2017
drool social insects demo cs. self released 2016
jeez louise baby mambo demonstration recording cs. ketchup & mustard industries 2018
the chats nambored get this in ya 10 in. MLP hot wax 2018
convenience doors are closing stop pretending 7 in. EP iron lung 2018
1100 pm - legal ID X 2 recorded
cement shoes vile fascist future S/T cs. the loki label 2018
civic street machine dream new vietnam LP ANTI FADE 2018
citric dummies the kids are alt-right the kids are alt-right LP erste theke tonträger 2018
sporten Är död fontänen subnormal girls - D.I.Y. - post punk - 1979-1984 volume 3 LP waiting room 2018
knots action heartbreaker 7 in. EP ideal 1980
l'amour someday look to the artist: 1978-1981 LP beach impediment 2018
1120 pm - show promo
sods pathetic minutes to go LP medley 1979
p.f. commando pretty faces in a pose LP self released 1997
the boys i'm not satisfied (she's my girl) she's all mine / i'm not satisfied 7 in. outrage 1975
plastic E.P. & the records at home best of... 7 in. EP xerox music 2018 (previously released in 1981 )
mollesters plastic plastic 7 in. EP plurex 1978
gutts the human machine butts vol. 3 cs. self released 2017
sick thoughts 18 and free 18 and free 7 in. total punk 2016
the suburban homes magazine version E.P 3 7 in. neck chop 2018
stiff love walk in the dark trouble 7 in. EP neck chop 2018
tenement rats deprogrammed crime pays 7 in. EP no front teeth 2018
1140 pm - show promo
liquids think too much happy halloween cs. self released 2018
disasterbaters get you off my mind S/T cs. shake! 2015
roht blóð iðnsamfélagið og framtíð Þess LP iron lung 2018
blood pressure fraud need to control LP beach impediment 2015
personality cult motivation S/T LP drunken sailor 2018