Northwest Unscene 2019-01-08

Northwest Unscene

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID
Built to Spill I Would Hurt a Fly
Built to Spill Unstrustable 2 (About Someone Else)
PSA,Show Promo,Text
Modest Mouse Dirty Fingernails
Ugly Casanova So Long To The Holidays
Kinski Semaphore
Vehicle Donation,Show Promo
Love AsLaughter Margaritas
Love As Laughter On The Run
Juned Cauldron
Quasi Sea Shanty
Legal ID
Harvey Danger Woolly Muffler
Sean Nelson Down
Mecca Normal Strong White Male
The Spinanes Madding
Carissa's Wierd Heather Rhodes (Remix)
Show Promo, PSA
The Long Winters Give Me a Moment
Damien Jurado Angel of May
Jale Not Happy
Heatmiser Junior Mint
Death Cab For Cutie Amputations
Show Promo, Vehicle Donation
764-Hero Wait Until Five
Pinehurst Kids The Birds
Sunny Day Real Estate In Circles