Loveseat 2019-03-06


I shared what I learned from Joe Rogan podcast #1250. He interviewed British writer/journalist Johann Hari, who has spent years researching the history and impact of drug criminalization. The war on drugs began with a racist by the name of Harry Anslinger. I talked about my belief that all drugs should be legal as they are in Portugal and Switzerland. But, that might never happen; too many powerful people have financial interest in the existing system and everyone else fear/do not understand the alternatives because they have been led to believe the current narrative.. written by men with personal agendas.

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
11:59pm - legal ID - live DJ
Marianne Faithfull with Nick Cave Gypsy Fairie Queen Negative Capability
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit
DMT Music: Ultra Activation Frequency Lovemotives Meditation Music - YouTube channel
1:00am - legal ID - live DJ