Interzone 7-20-19: Agoraphobia


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Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
10:00PM Legal ID
Daniel Menche Guts Two [Excerpt] Guts (2012) Editions Mego
The Bug vs. Earth American Dream Concrete Desert (2016) Ninja Tune
Final Black Dollars Black Dollars (2016) Downwards
William Fowler Collins How Horrible It Would Be Field Recordings (2018) SIGE
Edward Artimiev Stalker (05) Andrey Tarkovsky Vol. 4 Zerkalo/Stalker (1995) Toei Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
Lustmord & Robert Rich Elemental Trigger Stalker (1995) Fathom
Igor Wakhevitch Mineral - Vegetal - Animal Logos (1970) Pathé,
Krzysztof Penderecki/The National Philharmonic Orchestra Polymorphia (1961) The Exorcist (1974) Warner Bros. Records
George Crumb/Kronos Quartet Black Angels: Departure Black Angels (1990) Elektra, Nonesuch
John Corigliano Second Hallucination (Hinchi Mushroom Rite & Love Theme Trio) Altered States (1981) RCA Red Seal
Alan Lamb Primal Image [Excerpt] Archival Recordings: Primal Image / Beauty (1995) Dorobo
11:00PM Legal ID
Maurizio Bianchi Withdrawn Heart [Excerpt] Massolitarius (2014) Red Light Sound
Lustmord Primal [The Dark Places Of The Earth] (2009) Vaultworks
Eric Holm Åse Andøya (2014) Subtext
Shapednoise (feat. Rabit) Pulling at the Seams of Existence Deafening Chaos Serenity (2016) Type
Mika Vainio Sub-atlantic Kilo (2013) Blast First Petite
Sophia Loizou Silica Chrysalis (2014) Astro: Dynamics
Raum Temporary Islands Wreck the Bloodline (2018) Clan Destine Records
She Spread Sorrow Mine Mine (2017) Cold Spring
Evan Caminiti French Cocoon (Mutagen) Toxic City Music (2017) Dust Editions