Homegrown Radio 9.3.19 Heatspeak – Merry Makers

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Josh Ritter All Some Kind of Dream 6pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Kels Boreen Life is Too Sweet
Heat Speak Artery of America
Heat Speak River City Stays a Dream (live in Studio) 6.20pm
6.25pm Mission Statement (recorded)
Welcome Home promo (recorded)
Heat Speak Colors of our World (live instudio)
Heat Speak Ver Nissage (live In Studio)
Heat Speak Saint Children (live In Studio) heatspeakmusic.com They can also be found online anywhere you hear MUSIC!
7pm Legal ID and underwriting message from Gordy's Sichaun Cafe (live DJ)
Heat Speak Le Chemain Nest pas grave
Pink Martini Que Era Sera
Merry Makers Em a lama Kayo (live Instudio)
Merry Makers Don't Think Twice (live in studio)
7.43 Queens of Noise promo (recorded)
Mission Statement (recorded)
Fund Drive (live DJ)
Merry Makers Albacore (Live in Studio)
8pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Merry Makers Alleulia (Live instudio)
Ezra Bell Tourist (edited version)
Jason Webley Map
Dane Ueland And Yet
Karlie Fairbanks/Gardening Angel Forms of Getting Beat/Marijuana Waltz *Forms of Getting Waltzed*
8.28pm Dragonflies Promo (recorded)
Vinyl Hour promo (recorded)
Fund Drive promo (live DJ)
Ezra Bell Junk Food Chimney (live version) Sendoff to automation