Homegrown Radio 9.10.19 Fund Drive

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Langston Ward I Am The People 6pm Legal ID
Boy Eats Drum Machine Slow Guns
Nahko and Medicine for the People Culture Vulture (edited)
Chad Mitchell Trio Ballad of Dr Freud
Chad Mitchell Trio John Birch Society
Chad Mitchell Trio What This Country Needs
Boy Eats Drum Machine's Kithkin Tie Them To Cascadia
Moral Crux Revolution Shouldnt Be So Hard
Camaros Jazzed To Meet You
Sweet Madness I Need Electricity
Bullets or Balloons Lil Creeper Binary Minds
Gits Bob O
Cattleprod We'll Blow Ourselves Up
Light in Mirrors By My Side
Vexx Stress
8.10pm Legal ID
Terry Bisson They're Made out of Meat (excerpt)
Buffalo Daughter Dr. Mooooog
Tricky Poems
Tricky Shut Your Mouth (edited)
Mr Rogers Garden of your Mind (remix)
Bruiser Queen On The Radio
Wax Tailor/Avalanches Radio Mix
Cabaret - 1998 Money
Sonics Money
Amen Dunes Skipping Stones
Elevator to Hell Why I didn't like August 1993
Barry Adamson The Vibes...
Bing Crosby Just a Gigolo
Jay Reatard Not A Substitute Legal ID at 10pnm LIve DJ