Homegrown Radio 8.6.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Evergreen State of Consciousness Unalone
Mr. Sletner Spokanthem
Mr. Sletner Spoken Word Murderer
Phil in the Blank Manifest Station
Raiymek De La Rose Heart
Raiymek De La Rose Tonight
Choklate The Tea
6.24p Mission Statement (recorded)
Inside the Hype promo (recorded)
Text GiveKYRS message and PSAs (live DJ)
Mountains to Sea Long Way Home
Mountains to Sea Lets Go
Ray Badness Party Song
7.45p Suspense Promo (recorded)
Underwritten by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe (live DJ)
Underwritten by Spokane Valley Competition August 10th at Center Place (live DJ)
Ray Badness Heart Beat Racing
Connie Gorilla Going Up
B Radicals Afterthoughts
B Radicals New Suit 7pm Legal ID (Live DJ during song)
David Plell Shame
Heat Speak Heat Speak
7.25pm Dragonflies promo (recorded)
PSA for KYRS volunteers (live DJ)
Heat Speak Le Chemain Nas Pas Grave
Handful of Luvin' Remember To Work
Ezra Bell Don't Just Sit There and Drink Yourself to Death
The Blow The Moon is There I am Here
7.37pm Undewriting by Spokane Valley Comedy Competition!! WOW~! (live DJ)
Kels Boreen Beauty and Terror Sonic Trash promo (live DJ)
White Buffalo The Woods
White Buffalo The Moon
La Cha Cha Papercuts 50 Ways to leave your car to KYRS! (recorded)
Yarn Owl Without You
Slow Dance Fast Monsters
Shivas Swimming with Sharks