Homegrown Radio 7.9.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Chad Mitchell Trio I Like To Deal With The Ladies 5.58p Legal ID (Live DJ during song)
Chad Mitchell Trio Lizzie Borden
Billy Tipton Bernie's Tune
TacoCat The Internet
Bullets or Balloons Lil Creeper
Bullets or Balloons Jerk It
RandUnivac Rocketships and Stargazing
Boy Eats Drum Machine - Kithkin Tie Them To the Trees O Cascadia
6.23 Promo for Ace the Obvious (recorded)
Mission Statement (recorded)
Please give message (recorded)
Did you know you can text your donation? "givekyrs" to 44321! (live DJ)
Aan Heart is the Ocean
Aan Wet and Dripping
Blackwater Prophet Empress Avalon
6.43pm Underwriting message for GORDY'S SICHAUN CAFE! (live DJ over music)
Turned On Show Promo (recorded)
Light in Mirrors By My Side
Light in Mirrors Glow
Sea Giant The Great Panic
7pm Legal ID (Live DJ_
Psychic Rites Alone at Night
Space Opera 77 Turning of the Kleidescope
Soul And the Machine City at Night
BaLonely Shape