Homegrown Radio 7.30.19 Music Video Jam 2019

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Floating Crowbar John's Lament
6.02pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Dayan Kai War Waltz
Dela Project Captive Soul
6.15 Irish Music on Tap + Mission Statement (recorded)
Call for Underwriters (recorded)
The Sock Puppets Just Like You
The Sock Puppets Kredit Kard
Dana Lyons A Song for River Phoenix
Gardening Angel Skin
6.40 Queens of Noise promo (recorded)
Underwritten by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe (live DJ)
Beecraft Study: Driving Through A Strange Town at Night
B Radicals New Suit
B Radicals Afterthoughts
Georgetown Orbits Don't Think (Yourself out of Happiness)
Free Range Robots 707
7pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Krist Novoselic Slackoff
The Wimps Dump (edited)
Seductive The Kill
Cattleprod Hypocrite
Foxtrot Epidemic No More Shoes
Foxtrot Epidemic Empty
Unwound Rubberband Heart
7.25 The Edge promo - Underwriting request - Mission Statement (recorded)
Cyrus Fell Down Berretts Birthday
7.45 Sonic Trash Promo - Homegrown Plea - Vehicle Donation (recorded)
The Sock Puppets Just Like You
B Radicals New Suit
Foxtrot Epidemic No More Shoes