Homegrown Radio 7.2.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Nahko & Medicine for the People Culture Vultures (edited)
6pm Legal ID ()Live DJ)
The Camaros Jazzed To Meet You
Ray Charles Lets Go Get Stoned 1966
The Surprise Package The Social Disease
1954 National Defense Spokane Air Raid Readiness
Moral Crux Revolution Shouldn't Be So Hard
Bbbbandits Doc Willis Wild Ride 6.20pm PSA for Summer Concert Series and Give KYRS (Live DJ)
The Viceroys Death of an Angel
Sonics Rumble
6:30pm Sonic Trash promo (recorded)
Kingsmen Latin Lupe Lu
Necromancers Artful Advertising
Jolly Green Giants Busy Body
Thunder Monkey Good Drinking
6.41pm Astral Range and Turned On promos (recorded)
Underwriting message from Gordy's Sichaun Cafe
Bbbandits Brachiosaurus
Lord Dent and his Invaders The Greaser
The NIght People Istanbul
J Michael and the Bushmen I Need Love
Lord Dent andhis Invaders Wolf Call
7pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
The Kingsmen That's Cool, That's Trash
The Kingsmen Money (on Hullabaloo)
Sonics Keep Knockin'
La Luz Floating Features
Bobby Wayne Sally Ann
7.16p Sonic Trash promo (recorded)
PSA for Summer Concert Series (live DJ)
Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers I Told You Once Before
Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers Take a Look
Suprise Package The Way Home
The Viceroys That Sound
Shannon and the Clams The Point of Being Right
La Luz Sunstroke
The Shivas Manimal
7.44p Queens of Noise (recorded)
The Shivas You Know What To Do
TacoCat I Love Seattle
The Blow/Calvin Johnson Little Sally Tutorial
Sweet Madness Im Not Vicious
8pm Legal ID (live DJ)