Homegrown Radio 7.16.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Tom Lewis Showers
6.06pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Chad Mitchell Trio Waves on the Sea
Tom lewis Big Fella
Chad Mitchell Trio Ain't No More Cane
Pint & Dale Sugar In The Hold
Celtic Nots Blood On The Sails
Broken Whistle Ten Thousand Miles Away
6.35pm Irish Music on Tap promo (recorded)
PSAs for KYRS concerts (Live DJ)
GiveKYRS to 44321 (live DJ)
Tom Lewis Aye Sir Aye
Pint and Dale Haul in the Bowline
6.40p Sounds of Science promo (recorded)
Underwritten by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe (Live DJ)
David LoVine Heave Your Manspikes Down
David LoVine Brave Boys Your Shipmates Now
The Cutters One More Pull
7pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
The Rustics Sailing Windward
Pilots of Tiger Bay Short Jacket and White Trousers
Starlite Motel Mutineer
Hank Cramer Cape Cod Girls
Brian Maskew Maid OFyvie
Broken Whistle Step It Out Mary
Pilots of Tiger Bay Where's Your Knickers Lucy?
7.23p Queens of Noise (recorded)
DuCath The Mermaid
7.30 Perry Street Fair and Local Farmer's Markets PSA (Live DJ)
Mama Doll Sirens
Jason Webley Map
7.38p Welcome Home (recorded)
Lauren Sheehan Chilly Water
Decemberists My Own True Love 7.43p Donate your BOAT to KYRS! (live DJ)
Eliza Rickman Maker of My Sorrow
Jason Webley A History of Violence
Ezra Bell Junk Food Chimney
Led to Sea Old Haunts
Brian Maskew They're Moving My Father's Grave