Homegrown Radio 6.18.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Bullets or Balloons Lil Creeper
6pm Legal ID (live DJ) and opinion warning.
Spokane LGBTQ Ally Choir On Top of Ol' Smokey
The Blow Greatest Love of All
Jesse interview
Bullets or Balloons Blinded by Love
Kurt Cobain Talking about being different
Nirvana School (live at Evergreen State 1989)
Drea interview
James Interview 6.24pm Queer Sounds promo(recorded)
PSA for Music Video Jam 2019 (live DJ) and Neighborhood Farmer's Markets (live DJ)
Tacocat The Internet
Susie interview
Sleater-Kinney Gimme Love
6.40p Can You Queer Me Now promo (recorded)
Underwritten by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe
Shawna Interview
The Gits Second Skin
No Excuse for Now You Don't See Me
7pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Calvin Johnson + Beth Ditto Lightning Rod for Jesus
a protest sign
Bikini Kill Just Once (demo)
Diana Hex
Storm Large Changes
Tom - Becky - Donovan
Billy Tipton Don't Blame Me 7.21pm PSA for summer concert series (live DJ)
Donation solicitation (live DJ)
Just Us promo (recorded)
Mary Lambert Born Sad
The Blow She Buried Herself in the Air
Chris Cornell The Keeper (demo)
7.40p Queer Sounds promo (recorded)
The Blow Get Up (edited)
Ellen Peters
The Blow Amys Cassette To Pauline