Homegrown Radio 5.14.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
National Archives Spokane Air Raid 6pm - Legal ID (Live DJ)
Light in Mirrors Static
Scott Pemberton Juice Box
Wimps Modern Communication
The Blow Get Up (edited version)
Ocean The Crowd
Sea Giant The Great Panic
6.21 Ultrapop Promo (recorded) Mission Statement (recorded)
Connie Gorilla Goin' Up
Night Bench She Asked Us to Crush the Mountain PSA for Main market Round Up for KYRS benefit (live DJ)
Boy Eats Drum Machine Devil's Hands
James Pants Dreamboat
Lodus Thrift Store Music
Bandit Train Beetlejuice Lvl1
Connie Gorilla Song for Miyoshi
Lodus Push My Buttons Pull My Strings 6.45p Turned on promo (recorded) Gordy's Sichaun supports KYRS as an underwriter! (Live DJ) Donate your car, call 855 KYRS CAR! (Live DJ)
James Pants Clouds over the Pacific
Summer in Siberia Wyoming Portal
Nudepop Lurker 7.03pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Ocean Love Is
Zack LeBret My Tortured Mind
7.15p Astral Range promo (recorded)
Kaylee Cole Away
Pegasus Dream Smaug the Golden
Nudepop A Dream
Krist Novoselic Aberdeen
The Blow Bonjour Jeunne Fille
David Plell Shame
Cyrus Fell Down Men Wrestling
Bbbandits Brachiosaurus 7.38p Sonic Trash promo (recorded) Vehicle Donation request (recorded)
Pony Time Geordie
The Shivas Used to Being Cool
La Luz Loose Teeth
Next Exit Static Cling
Space Age Fur Dented Tile
The Wimps Stop Having Fun
The Wimps BookPeople
Tacocat Horse Grrls
8pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Sweet Madness I Don't Like You
The Gits Bob O
Mudhoney Fuzzgun 91