Homegrown Radio 12.3.19 Giving Tuesday

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Democracy Now Legal ID at 6pm (live DJ)
Democracy Now ends 6.10pm Giving Tuesday pitch (recorded)
Bing Crosby Pennies from Heaven
Nahko and Medicine for the People Aloha Ke Akua Clarion Brass Giving Tuesday Pitch 6:12pm (recorded)
Josh Ritter Golden Age of Radio
Bing Crosby You Are My Sunshine
6.37 Live & Local (recorded) Underwriting from Gordy's Sichaun Cafe (live DJ)
Mission Statement (recorded)
Chad Mitchell Trio John Birch Society
Matt Hopper I Will Not Give Up
7pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Kristen Marlo Time Waster
Old Bear Mountain Mountains to Sound
Mikalyn Help Me Sing
Atlas Hugged Friend
Eliza Rickman Lark of My Heart
Bryan Warhall Tell Me Mamma
Doghouse Boys Can't be Satisfied
Sammy Eubanks No Excuse for the Blues Sugar Me
Big Mambo Blues Band Respect Yourself How Blue Can You Get?
8pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Bullets or Balloons Generational Optimism
Georgetown Orbits Loves is Not A Game
Sonics Do You Love Me?
Paul Herrick Why Are We Doing This?
Sweet Madness I Need Electricity
Sleater Kinney Gimme Love
Queensryche + Heart Gimme Shelter
Alan Cumming Money Makes the World Go Round Cabaret
Scott Pemberton Thank You
Raffi Mr Sun (live)
Muppets Do De Duckie
Lemon Jelly Nice Weather for Ducks
True Facts Owls (edited)
Monty Python Airspeed Velocity....
Strongbad Sensitive to Bees
Paul Herrick What Kind of Logic Tree?
Dave Matthews Proudest Monkey (cut version) 9.05pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Monkees Hey Hey We're the Monkees
Toots and the Maytals Monkey Man
Mountain Goats The Monkey Song
Space Ghost Never Trust a Monkey
Disney Everybody Wants to Be a Cat Aristocats album
Aqua Bats Cat With Two Heads
Parry Gripp I'm a Cat (Check Meowit)
Space Ghost Fluffy?
Zeus the Huskey Poop on the Floor
Norma Tenga Walkin' My Cat Named Dog
Monkees Gonna Buy Me A Dog
Caspar Babypants My Flea Has Dogs
They Might Be Giants Dr Worm
Muppets Bert and Ernie Go Fishing
John Williams Jaws
Lego Batman Worst Fear?
Aquabats Attacked by Snakes
True Facts Teddy's Operation