Homegrown Radio 10.29.19

Homegrown Radio

Tonight we’re playing a game! Can you spot the artists NOT from the PNW? Win tickets to Drag Out Yer Dead! Call now!

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
The Kingsmen Death of an Angel 6.06pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Zack Lebret My Tortured Mind
Sumner Brothers Lose your Mind
Ezra Bell Don't Just Sit There and Drink Yourself to Death
Atlas Hugged What Death Said
6.23p Drag Out Yer Dead promo (recorded)
Mission Statement - Americana Avenue promo (recorded)
Hank Green We're All Gonna Die
Chad Mitchell Trio A Dying Business
Lenore Ether's Arms
Kaylee Cole Ghost Song
6.47pm Queens of Noise promo and Vehicle Donation call (recorded)
Underwriting announcement from Gordy's Sichaun Cafe! YUM (Live DJ)
7pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Mildred Bailey The Man Who Wasn't There
Bing Crosby + Boris Karloff The Halloween Song
Bing Crosby + Andrew Sisters Yodeling Ghost
Boy Eats Drum Machine Halloween
Campfire OK Strange Like We Are
Eels Fresh Blood
Lord Dent and his Invaders Wolf Call
Kingsmen Killer Joe
7.26 Drag Out Yer Dead Benefit for KYRS Friday November 1st (Recorded)
Turned On promo (recorded)
Give KYRS (live DJ)
The Shivas Manimal
Los Saicos Cemeterio
The Ventures Ghost Riders in the Sky
7.47pm A shot of Jazz promo(recorded)
Tacocat Dana Katherine Scully
The Ventures Sleepwalk
Calvin Johnson Rabbit Blood
Slow Dance Fast Monsters
Das Vibenbass Elfman's Lullabye 8pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Chad Mitchell Trio Lizzie Borden
Raw B Murder You
Ocean Buffalo Bill EP
Psychic Rites Concrete Single
8.20pm Drag Out Yer Dead (recorded)
Personally Speaking promo (recorded)
Cyrus Fell Down Satan's Phonecall EP
Cattle Prod Satan is Boring
Boy Eats Drum Machine Devil's Hands The Battle
Space Age Fur If You See Me Coming EP
Old Time Relijun Vampire Sushi Witchcraft Rebellion
The Wimps Vampire Suitcase
8.40pm The Edge (recorded) KYRS Wants your car! (recorded)
Spoken request for donations for EWU Football tickets donated by Annie! November 23rd EWU vs PSU (live DJ)
Sonics Witch
Blackbird Raum Witches
Mama Doll Sirens
Atlas Hugged Hypnotized
Beck Satan Gave Me A Taco
White Buffalo Carnage 9.08pm legal ID (Live DJ)
Moondoggies Undertaker
Gardening Angel The Freaks Sugarpills for Hypochondriacs
Zack LeBret Tutti Frutti on Crack
Beat Happening Pajama Party in Haunted Hive
Ghoul Teenage Zombie
Ghoul Monster Stomp
9.33pm Astral Range (recorded)
Shim Animal Feel Like a King
Sonics Psycho
Avalanches Frontier Psychiatry
9.45pm Homegrown promo (recorded)
Drag Out yer Dead promo (recorded)
Mistress and the Misters Neck Romancing
Shannon & The Clams Knock Em Dead
Sleater Kinney Bury Your Friends 10pm Legal ID (Live DJ)