Homegrown 8.13.19 – Josh Ritter

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
6.09pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Sumner Brothers Lose Your Mind
Sumner Brothers Love You In the Kitchen
Josh Ritter Some Kind of Dream
6.24p Welcome Home Promo
Please give to KYRS as a Volunteer!! (recorded)
Mission Statement (recorded)
Horse Theives Fast Asleep
Kevin Murphy An Injury to All
Josh Ritter Idaho
6.46p Queens of Noise promo (recorded)
Gordy's Sichaun Cafe underwrites Homegrown Radio on KYRS!! (live DJ)
Calvin Johnson Cattle Call Pt 1
Br're Rabbit I'm OK 7pm Legal ID (Live DJ during music)
Old Bear Mountain Mountains to Sound
Thao Ngyuen Holly Roller
Br're Rabbit What's Left
Old Bear Mountain Hidden Song
Moondoggies Night & Day
White Buffalo #1 Love Song
7.29p Personally Speaking promo (recorded)
Life During Wartime concert (recording)
Maldives The End
Sumner Brothers My Words
Calvin Johnson Cattle Call Pt 2
7.40p 50 Ways to leave your car to KYRS (recorded)
Sonic Trash promo (recorded)
Chad Mitchell Trio Wonder Where Im Bound
Josh Ritter Thin Blue Flame
Shana Cleveland Solar Creep 8pm Legal ID (live DJ)