Homegrown 5.28.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Alex Duncan No More Trouble
Blue Scholars Opening Salvo (edited) 6pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Macklemore and Lewis White Privilege (edited)
Deekon Jones Hectic (edited)
Jaeda Courage
6.21pm - Round up Month for KYRS at Main Market (live DJ)
Evergreen State of Consciousness Butterfly
Spiritual Zero I Belong
Phil in the Blank Manifest Station
Cheap Meat Suits Past Blades
Freetime Synthetic Times Change (edited)
P. Wrecks Ingredients (edited) 6.42pm Persian Hour/The Edge promos (recorded)
Underwriting message (Live DJ) Thanks Gordys Sichaun Cafe!!!
Locke Happy Feet
6.50p Vehicle Donation (recorded)
The Muzes Blow Your Mind
Fly Moon Royalty I Like Big Butts
Bela Union Lucky 2Nite
Locke Goodnight Goodluck and Then Some
Quiz 10 Long Awaited
Flying Spiders Rainmaker
Phil in the Blank Evergreen St8 of Mind
7.20 Inside the Hype promo (recorded)
Lumidee ft Supasaa Priviledged
7.25p Mission Statement (recorded) Inbox Promo (recorded)
Power2Poetry Hopeless
Evergreen State of Consciousness YOGA
7.40p Sonic Trash promo (live DJ)
Macklemore and Lewis Growing Up
Fly Moon Royalty Grown Man
8pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Jolly Green Giant Busy Body
Quincy Jones I Feel Good