Homegrown 4.30.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Angela Davis Occupy speech (edited)
Power 2 Poetry Hopeless 6.01pm Legal ID (LiveDJ)
Nakho and Medicine for the People Building Bridges (edited)
Dan Johnson Through the Storm
Jason Webley My Love Left me in April
The Rustics The Boxcar
6.21pm promo/mission statement (recorded)
Billy Tipton The Man I Love PSAs for Main Market Round Up (live DJ)
Bing Crosby You Are My Sunshine
The Shivas Sad Sad Sorrow
Old Bear Mountain Far Away My Love
Moondoggies Empress of the North
Ezra Bell Junk Food Chimney
6.43 promo/vehicle (recorded)
Underwriting message: Gordy's Sichaun supports KYRS! (live DJ)
Ezra Bell Tourist (edited)
Br're Rabbit I'm OK
Josh Ritter Homecoming
Free Range Robots Smoke and Turpentine
Hey Marseilles Gasworks
The Blow You Are My Light
The Blow The Moon is There I am Here
7.18 Promo (recorded)
7.20-7.30p PSAs (live DJ)
Paul Herrick Tree?
Kithkin O Cascadia
Hoot Hoots Home
Hoot Hoots See You
Finn Riggins Wake
7.45pm sonic trash promo and vehicle donation request (recorded)
Joseph Hein Nightfall
Yarn Owl Traveling
Coeurimba Ranchera