Homegrown 11.26.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
6.02pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Bullets or Balloons Generational Optimism Thoughts and Prayers
The Blow Greatest Love of All
Mountains in the Sea Better Way Single
Hoot Hoots Nightmares Appetite for Distraction
6.21pm Mission Statement (recorded) Americana Avenue (recorded) This Won't Hurt A Bit (recorded)
The Go Team Acid Autumn
Mudhoney Acetone
6.41p Turned On Promo (recorded)
Underwriting by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe!! WOW!! Thank you!! (Live DJ)
You can support KYRS next week during Giving Tuesday! (Live DJ)
Space Age Fur Can't Get Enough
David Plell Shame
Sweet Madness I'm Not Vicious
Beat Happening Look Around
The Makers Kushticaw
7.05pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
The Shivas Manimal
La Luz I Wanna Be Alone WIth You
TacoCat Horsegrrls
Wimps Modern Communication Suitcase
The Makers Lover Lover
7.23pm Ultrapop Promo (recorded)
Festival of Fair Trade (live DJ) PSA
The Camaros Jazzed To Meet You Fellas?
The Camaros Freeze Ray Fellas?
Sonics Maintaining My Cool Here Are The Sonics!
Sweet Madness I Need Electricity Made in Spokane
Bbbbandits Genesee
7.43pm Astral Range promo (live DJ)
Space Age Fur Dented Tile
Next Exit Static Cling
The Gits Bob (Cousin O)
The Wimps The Old Guy
Unwound Rubberband Heart
Screaming Trees Wintersong (acoustic)
8.03pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Ray Charles Let's Go Get Stoned