Homegrown 11.12.19 Fall Folk Fest

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Dax Johnson Rain 5.57pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Hank Cramer Ballad of the Green Beret A Soldier's Songs
Hank Cramer Touch a Name A Soldier's Songs
Heat Speak Artery of America Aspen Artichoke
Kosher Red Hots Der Alter Tsianger (the Old Gypsy)
Mila and the 1901 String Choir Making Peas with Death
6.23pm Mission Statement (recorded) Welcome Home promo (Recorded)
16th Anniversary Gala (live DJ)
Laddie Ray Melvin Scabland Blues
Sock Puppets Just Like You
Folkinception Downtime
6.42pm Americana Avenue promo (recorded) Daves Car Pitch (recorded)
Homegrown is supported by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe! Thank you for underwriting us! (live DJ)
Heat Speak Le Mystique
Mila & the 1901 String Choir Tales of Old Manila
Sock Puppets Bach Concerto??
Laddie Ray Melvin Autumn Sun
Joel Smith Power 7pm Legal ID (Live DJ)
Joel Smith Tamborskloof
Spokane Taiko Gyoumatsu
Coeurimba Ranchero
7.22p Mission Statement (recorded) Queens of Noise promo (recorded)
Festival of Fair Trade PSA (Live DJ)
Coeurimba Pungwe
Floating Crowbar Slides: Scartaglen - Cat Jumped into the Mousehole and Didn't Come Out Till Morning
Floating Crowbar Reels: Noisy Curlew - Kitty Gone a Milkin' 7.40 Irish Music on Tap promo (recorded) Silent Auction Gala (live DJ)
Hank Cramer and Dan Maher Soldier's Whiskey Medley
Kosher Red Hots Enjoy Yourself
Starlite Motel Dive 8pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Jason Webley A History of Violence