6.4.2019 Homegrown Radio

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
6:00, Legal ID
Blue Ribbon Tea Company Thinking of Corky and Jim
Blue Ribbon Tea Company Going Nowhere
Marshall McLean On a Roll
Marshall McLean Sons ofThunder
6:19, Show Promo: Spokane Open Poetry/ PSA: KYRS at Lindaman's Gourmet To-Go/ Text "GiveKYRS"
Joel Smith Amnesia
Joel Smith Norweigan Dictionary
Seaweed Jack Batman
Seaweed Jack Open Face Crab Sandwich
6:40, Show Promo: Queens of Noise/ Underwriting (Gordy's Sichuan Cafe)/ Vehicle Donation
Telekinesis Ghosts and Creatures
Aaron Sprinkle In The Meantime
Julian Lee I Know Now
Julian Lee Leaving You
6:57, Records Expo/ Vehicle Donation 7:00, Legal ID
Kaylee Cole Your War
Kaylee Cole Into the Woods
Dax Johnson Bright Eyes
Dax Johnson Fear of Light
7:20, Show Promo: Thom Hartman/ PSA: Get Out Fest
Terrible Buttons God Knows My Name
Terrible Buttons Mother's Medicine
Yarn Owls Travelling
Yarn Owls The Wind
7:40, Show Promo: The Vinyl Hour/ Vehicle Donation
Dead Fiddler's Society Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
Dead Fiddler's Society Tennesee Mountain Foxtrot
Floating Crowbar Boy in the Boat
Floating Crowbar Spancil Hill
Mighty Squirrel Miles and Miles