2019 – 05 – 03 Turned On

Turned On

We’ll get you from the Astral Range to Psychic Radio. The ride is a smooth one, so relax!!! We’ll get you there!

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID - Live DJ - 8:00 PM
Olden Yolk Gamblers on a Dime
Olden Yolk Cotton & Crane
Donovan Clara Clairvoyant
Barbara Howard Light My Fire
Gloria Heavy
Alan Hawkshaw Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue
David Lindup The Aggressor
Altin Gun Supurgesi Yoncadan
Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett Oddball
Scott Gilmore Two Roomed Motel
Brownout Super Bright
The Natural Yogurt Band Satelites
The Natural Yogurt Band The 13 Moons of Neptune
The Heliocentrics, Percee P, Doom Distant Star
Vehicle Donation Promo Taylor Cousins - 8:57 PM
Show Promo - 8:58 PM
Show Promo - 8:59 PM
Legal ID - Live DJ - 9:00 PM
PSA - Live DJ - 9:01 PM
L'eclair Taishi-Koto, Pt. 2
Mildlife The Magnificent Moon
Sam Cohen I Can't Lose
John Maus The Combine
E Ruscha V The Hostess
Limousine Oiseau du matin
Ben von Wildenhaus The Knife Thrower Lives
Black Savage Kothbiro
Bobby Oroza Deju Vu
KAZU Salty
Cate le Bon Home To You
Stereolab The Stars Our Destination
The Physics House Band ?!
Drahla Serenity
Protomartyr Feral Cats
Legal ID - Live DJ - 10:00 PM