2018-08-14 Irish Music On Tap

Irish Music On Tap

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
6:00 PM Legal ID Live DJ
Nuala Kennedy The Lion's Den/The Burning House Behave The Bravest
Noctambule Mr. O'Connor/Broken Pledge A Sweetish Tune
Kieran Hanrahan Maids of Castlebar/ The Irish Tenor Banjo
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Mick O'Brien Bumper Squire Jones/An Sean Duine/O'Sullivan's March May Morning Dew
Eamonn Coyne and Kris Drever Lucy's Swamp Honk Toot Suite
Josephine Marsh Tomgraney Castle/The Stack of Pancakes Music in the Frame
Patrick Street Art O'Keefe's/Forget Your Troubles/ Street Life
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Lamond Gillespie/Cormac CannonJohn Blake Braes of Lochiel/Laurel Tree The Trip To Carrick
Charlie Lennon Sound Man/Eamonn Turning the Tune
Across the Pond Dr. O'Neill's Across the Pond
7:00 PM Legal ID Live DJ
Dervish ICourted A Wee Girl/Josefin's Waltz Live In Palma
Bobby Casey Eileen Curren/Star of Munster/Moving Bogs/ The Spirit of West Clare
Paddy Canny/Paddy Murphy/Geraldine Cotter Kid on the Mtn./Kitty Come Down to Limerick Friends of Note
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Catherine McEvoy and John McAvoy Paddy Fahey's//Collier's/ The Kilmore Fancy
Aoife Granville Kings of Kerry/Sraid Eoin Shuffle Sraid Eoin Shuffle
Randal Bays Planxty Maurice O'Connor/Carolan's Welcome The Salmon's Leap
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Billy Clifford and Gerry Harrington Johnny Spillane's/Darby's Cross//Paudeen O'Rafferty/ Now She's Purring
Eoin Duignan Steal Away/The Grand Flotilla Pagan Irish
Mick O'Brien The Old Man Rocking the CradleYellow Legs,High Legs/Red Legs Tunes From the Goodman Manuscripts
8:00 PM Legal ID Live DJ