2018 – 01 – 11 Turned On

Turned On

Music for the Mind! Meditate or medicate to this, my friends! DJ Goldbond w/ a Dirty Hamper full of new tunes! But don’t worry, it’s guaranteed fresh tonight!

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Legal ID - Live DJ - 8:00 PM
Jo Passed MDM Canadian, bent string, wammy bar rubbery sound
The Breeders Spacewoman a slow chugger
Blackwater Holylight Sunrise hail from the weird capitol of the US, Portland
Kero Kero Bonito Outside experimental pop, alt pop
Mothers PINK prefer to keep them mysterious
Swervedriver Mary Winter Shoegaze! I prefer Dream Rock
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Tombes Oubliees A double feature from Anton Newcombe
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe Please Never Die more from these two, 2nd in the double feature
The Nude Party Water on Mars For your next party, why not throw a Nude Party?
King Khan and the Shrines Three Hairs and Your Mine Uppin' the groove
Baked Beans Slow This is the 3rd of the bands named Baked Beans
Slift Heavy Road Heavy Indeed, not to be confused w/ Slint
Felipe El Hombre Diablo de Polvo En Espanol
Car Donation - Promo - 8:58 PM
Queer Sounds - Promo - 8:58 PM
Ultrapop Promo - 8:59 PM
PSA - Live DJ - 8:59 PM
Legal ID - Live DJ - 9:00 PM
Odd Couple Vielfrass Auf Deutsch - Ja! Das ist sehr toll!
Part Chimp Lies Part Chimp, all heavy
Exploded View Come On Honey Speaking of Honey, thanks for the honey, Will
Flat Worms Melt the Arms From LA, not actually planarians
Protomartyr, Kelley Deal Wheel of Fortune Detroit spoken word post-punk meets Breeders twin
Preoccupations Pontiac 87 Cover of the Protomartyr track
JEFF the Brotherhood Parachute They are indeed brothers
The Blue Angel Lounge Rising End Slowing things down. Get reflective here
King Woman I Wanna Be Adored Cover of the Stone Roses track. For all you conceited introverts out there
Roseblood Black Veil Going to close out our little introspective set
Scottibrains Sustained Threat Pick us back up for the big finale
Hippies vs Ghosts Fade Out My money is on the ghosts
Odd Nosdam Ripp Lost Wigs of Ohio Best Album title of 2018
Viagra Boys Down in the Basement That is where I will return after the show
Legal ID - LIve DJ - 10:00 PM