Homegrown Radio 9.17.19

Homegrown Radio

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot
Portland Cello Project Twilight 6pm Legal ID (live DJ)
Boy Eats... Kithkin Tie Them To the....O Cascadia
Chenoa Chant
Chad Mitchell Trio African Song
Portland Cello Project - Justin Powers Hungry Liars
6.20p Show Promo and PSA for KYRS (Fund Drive Pitch- Live DJ)
Pink Martini Que Sera Sera
Heat Speak Le Chemain n'est Pas Grave
Handful of Luvin Hopin' for a New
Josh Ritter Temptation of Adam
Boy Eats Drum Machine I William Your Ex Lover
6.45pm Show Promo and Mission Statement (recorded)
Underwritten by Gordy's Sichaun Cafe! WOW!! (live DJ)
Hoot Hoots Home
Kithkin Asunder
David Plell Shame 7.04p Legal ID (Live DJ)
Finn Riggins Wake
Sea Giant The Great Panic
Hey Marseilles Heroes
7.20p Homegrown Plea (recorded)
Free Range Robots Smoke & Turpentine
Yarn Owl Seashell Windchime
Sweet Madness I Don't Wanna Be a Number
Mudhoney Acetone
Campfire OK Strange Like We Are
Modest Mouse Dead End Job at the Dead Letter Office
Beat Happening Black Candy
The Gits Absynth (edited)
Pop Eccentric Rum Fizz No 1
Hank Green Curse Words
Scott Pemberton Juice Box
Bullets or Balloons Queen Killer
Melvins Over from Under the Excitement
Ray Charles Lets Go Get Stoned 8.10pm Legal ID