September 3 2019

We did stories on the Navaho Nation and coal mines, Disney studios and the Lion King and protecting lions, Liz Cheney’s comments on how Native Americans we trying to destroy her Western way of life,  better air conditioning methods, and

August 27 2019

Laura and Mike interviewed Johan Yuger, a Bolivian climate activist who is a Fellow at the Lands Council on the Amazon rainforest fires.  We also did stories on spiders, the National Environmental Policy Act, and American cooking and eating habits.

August 20 2019

Laura, Mike and Chris talked about wolves, Laura did stories on radioactivity from the Church Rock incident and plastic in the arctic.  Mike did stories on coal plants and renewable energy in China.

August 13 2019

Laura was joined by Chris Bachman and Jeff Lambert, who are learning how to be programmers.  Laura did stories on the move of the Department of Agriculture to Kansas,  Chris did a story on wildfire,  and Jeff did a story

July 30 2019

Laura interviews Lindsay Box, of The Lands Council about upcoming hikes and events. Laura also did a story on National Parks, and the studies on ancient bone fragments and food.

July 23 2019

We did stories on risky outdoor play,  plants surviving the little ice age, sunscreen and solar energy.

July 16 2019

Laura and Mike reported on Mighty Earth, who claims that the Cargill company is the worst in the world due to their deforestation, and other bad agricultural practices.  We then interviewed Jeff Lambert of the Dishman Hills Conservancy about their

June 9 2019

Mike did stories on the bioelectric web in soils and water, a fox that travelled from Sweden to Canada in 78 days.  Mike then interviewed Jerry White, the Spokane Riverkeeper, on water quality variances proposed by dischargers and WA Ecology.

July 2 2019

Laura and Mike did stories on renewable energy, plastic in the world’s oceans, an interview between Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasia Cortex, and modelling endangered species.