June 18 2019

Mike interviewed Chris Bachman, Lands Council, and Ivonne Joy,  intern to Chris about wildlife, wolves and climate.

June 11, 2019

Laura and Mike talked about a salamander eating plant in Ontario,  the World Environmental Day focused on air quality, the EPA failing at oversight on pesticides, oil spill prevention plans,  a salmon celebration by the Colville Confederated Tribe and a

June 4 2019

Laura and Mike interviewed Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper.  She is the author of The Green Amendment which is about giving individuals the right to clean air, water and a healthy environment – within a states bill of rights.

May 28 2019

Laura and Mike did stories on youth organizing for a Sep 20 general strike for climate change, composting human bodies, ancient fungi and pandemic flu viruses.

May 21 2019

Laura and Mike did stories on the first brown bear in Portugal in a century,  the EPA lowering water quality standards,  a new continent that is mostly underwater, old growth issues in Alaska,  and capturing human DNA in Scandanavia from

May 14 2019

Laura and Mike did stories on urban forests and climate, forest legislation a Tacoma liquified natural gas terminal and the BNSF rail bridge over lake Pend Oreille.

May 7 2019

Laura and Mike reported on an Oregon LNG project that was denied a permit, student climate strikes, led by Greta Thunberg, bumblebees and having students help their parents understand climate change.

April 30 2019

We discussed the clean energy bills in Washington State that have passed, orcas and salmon and Snake River dams,  and the UN report on species extinction due to climate change.

Earth Matters Now April 23 2019

We discussed poor countries impacted by global warming, the ethics of gold, and Jess Roskelley, the climber who died in Canada.

Earth Matters Now April 16 2019

Laura and  Mike did stories on the Amazon, the Rock Creek mine, bees and climate  warming in the arctic and climate activism.