Art Hour 2019-06-20 Chris Bovey

Local print maker, Chris Bovey takes listeners on a journey from Australia to Spokane and how a trip from Coeur d’ Alene on a barely functioning orange van has ended up in a profession where Chris is one of Spokane’s

Art Hour 2019-06-13 Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, current Spokane Poet Laureate, gives listeners insight on his role as a poet laureate, what inspires him, future goals and some thoughts on the writing process. Mark reads a couple of his original poems and what inspired those

Art Hour 2019 06-06 Matt Bogue

Local artist, musician and community organizer, Matt Bogue give listeners some insight into his world of graphic art and design, his musical contribution to the Spokane music scene as an accomplished drummer and his years of work as a event

Art Hour 2019-05-30 Lindsay Johnston

Lindsay Johnston, local musician, talks about her new project “Vanna Oh!” Lindsay gives the listeners some insight about her journey from classical oboist to Spanish teacher to now an up and coming rock musician. She talks about the challenges that

Art Hour 2019-03-28 Tiffany Patterson and Derrick Freeland

Tiffany and Derrick are local Spokane artists whose work is gaining traction in the Spokane area. Both artists talked about how they got interested in their particular art form, their inspiration and the conditions that allow them to be most

Art Hour 2019-03-21 Deece Casillas and Phillip Kopczynski

Deeece and Phillip are two local comedians who are making a living in the world of comedy. Both comedians talked about the challenges and rewards of making ends meet doing comedy. The interview shed some light and humor on both

Art Hour 2019-02-07 Jennifer LaRue

Jennifer Larue, long time previous host of KYRS Art Hour show and writer, handed over the reigns to the new hosts, Mike Malsam and Eric Woodard. Jennifer talked about how her many years promoting and supporting the art scene in

Art Hour 2019-02-21 Karen Mobley

Karen Mobley is one of Spokane’s most influential people responsible for the growth of the art scene as it exists today. Karen talks extensively on the past, present and possible future of Spokane’s art scene. She tells wonderful anecdotes of

Art Hour 2019-02-14 Chris Cook

Chris Cook is a long time trumpet player for the Spokane Symphony and local poet who specializes in rhyming poetry. Chris talked about the discipline of being a professional musician and national poetry slam competitor, the health of symphonic music

Art Hour 2019-02-07 Michael and Keleren Millham

Michael and Keleren shared their musical journey from college, marriage all the way to present as professional performing musicians in the Spokane area and teachers of their craft (Michael guitar and Keleren as a vocalist). They shared their insight their