Art Hour 2018-10-11

I spoke with old-school artists Mikal Vollmer and Tom Froese who were pushing envelopes when envelopes were still a thing..

art hour 09/27/18

I spoke with Craig Flowers who has been painting since he was lucky enough to take lessons from Heidi Hershfeld when his family lived in West Germany (dad was in the AF). He graduated from Ferris HS in 1977 and

art hour 09/20/18

I spoke with photographer Mike DeCesare about his journey as an artist. Katie Frey also stopped by to talk about her work.

Art hour 09/13/18

I spoke with Shani Marchant and Sheila Evans about their work and the Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour, an annual art event in Spokane.

art hour 09/06/18

This day was during the fund drive. I talked to myself and played some music from local mash-up artist at the youtube channel “Melody Sheep.”

art hour 08/30/18

I spoke with woodcarver Hank J Chiappetta about his work and desire to create a marketplace in Spokane, and metal artist Rick Davis.

art hour 08/23/18

I spoke with artists Julie Gautier-Downes and Caitlyn Au. Julie is the executive director/CEO of the Richmond Art Collective in Spokane. Caitlyn was a visiting artist.

Art Hour 08/16/18

I spoke with Ho Lan and her daughter Hsia-Jung Chang. Holan has co-owned Ho Ho Teriyaki in the flour mill since 1988. She and her daughter are musicians. Ho Lan yodels and plays the ukulele and Hsia-Jung plays classical piano.

Art Hour 08/09/18

I spoke with Chris Bovey and Sue Bradley who both participated in the Garland Street Fair. This will be Chris’ 2nd year at the fair. Sue is one of the founders of the fair. Chris creates unique prints of Spokane

Art Hour 08/02/18

I spoke with artist Haley Waddington. She is originally from southeast Alaska and is currently living in Tacoma/Seattle area. She creates artwork that celebrates and explores women, feminism, and pregnancy.